What’s the difference between Storage Containers and Storage Trailers?

Storage containers, sometimes commonly referred to as storage pods or shipping containers, are large reusable steel boxes that are commonly used for intermodal shipments and ocean shipping. Storage containers are transferable and provide its user with ground access level which is deal for quick in and out on a job site, residential or commercial location with no dock level entrance.

Storage trailers essentially provides the same type of mobile storage capability as a storage container, except the box is fixed on top of a chassis with wheels and is about 4’ off of the ground, which is ideal for a location with a loading dock.

What different sizes do your mobile storage units come in?

The most common sizes of our mobile storage units are as follows:

20′ Storage Container Dimensions:

Exterior: 20′L X 8′W X 8’6″ H

Interior: 19’9″ L X 7’8″ W 7’10″ H

Door Opening: 7’8″ W X 7’5″ H

Weight: 4,700 LBS.

Cubic Capacity: 1172 CFT

40′ Storage Container Dimensions:

Exterior: 40′L X 8′W X 8’6″ H

Interior: 39’5″ L X 7’8″ W 7’10″ H

Door Opening: 7’8″ W X 7’5″ H

Weight: 8,100 LBS.

Cubic Capacity: 2391 CFT

40′ High Cube Storage Container Dimensions:

Exterior: 40′L X 8′W X 9’6″ H

Interior: 39’3″L X 7’8″W X 8′X10″H

Door Opening: 7’8″ x 8’5″

Weight: 8465 LBS.

Cubic Capacity: 2698 CFT

48′ Storage Trailer Dimensions:

Exterior: 48′L X 102′W X 13’6″ H

Interior: 47’3″L X 99″W X 110″H

Door Opening: 93″ x 105″.

Cubic Capacity: 3566 CFT

53′ Storage Trailer Dimensions:

Exterior: 53′L X 102′W X 13’6″ H

Interior: 52’L X 99″W X 110″H

Door Opening: 93” x 105”

Cubic Capacity: 4050 CFT

How do you deliver storage containers?

We deliver all of our storage containers by utilizing a specialized equipment called a tilt and load flatbed.  This flatbed is a similar application as used for roll of bins commonly used by garbage trucks, which tilts at a 45 degree angle and uses a winch to slowly pick up or lower the storage pod steel box on or off.

Whats the difference between you Economy Moving Blankets and your Premium Moving Blankets?

Our Premium Moving Blankets are made of a high quality poly/cotton blend (they are soft and durable).  These blankets have durable woven fabric on both sides and are zig-zag quilted with lock stitching. Double stitched binding is used to ensure long lasting wear.

The Premium Moving Blankets are 72″ x 80″ and are dark blue on one side and light blue on the other.  They can be purchased individually or by the dozen, which is packaged in a bale.  Premium Blankets have a soft thick filler and a shipping weight of approximately 85 Lbs. per dozen.

Where are you located?

We are based in Vaughan, ON on the South side of HWY 7 just in between HWY 427 and HWY 27.  We welcome all visitors to our showroom and store at 6201 HWY 7 West Unit 2 to come look at all of our online products which are always fully stocked.  All online orders can be picked up from this location.

Store Hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM