Flatbed Trailer Products

Toronto Trailers carries the highest quality flatbed trailer cargo control products in the market.  Stress tested to the highest breaking strength limits at the most affordable prices in North America!

Our staple flatbed trailer products include our winch straps, ratchet straps, chains, binders, corner protectors and all other miscellaneous flatbed products.   We always make sure we are stocked with an abundance supply of our staple products such as winch straps and chains to ensure quick shipping and availability.


Toronto Trailers high quality winch straps are made with polyester webbing that more than exceed the minimum break strength required by the FMCSA.  Our products both provide durability and strength.  We stock both Kinedyne and Ancra Winch Straps.


When you need to secure a large or heavy load a grade 70 transport chain is the best option.  Our chains offer the most efficient weight-to-strength ratio that comes from drop forging and heat treating, this transport chain brings you peace of mind that your load will be secured in place against any tight turns or sudden stops where other transport chains may fail.

Our chains come in various sizes like 5/16” , 3/8” or even 1/2″.  The standard lengths of our chains are 16′, 20′ or 25′.  We can also customize the size for you by request.  All of our standard sized chains come with clevis grab hooks at both ends of the transport chain.

5/16″ Working Load Limit: 4,700 Lbs.
3/8″ Working Load Limit: 6,600 Lbs.
1/2″ Working Load Limit: 11,300 Lbs.


Protects the edges of the product from potential damage and the winch strap from cutting and fraying.

Toronto Trailers carries various types of Corner Protectors ranging from different sizes and material such as plastic or steel.

Plastic Corner Protectors are inexpensive method to protect web strap assemblies from cutting and wearing prematurely.  Corner protectors are require by FMCSA when a tie down is subject to abrasion or cutting at the point of contact with cargo.

Steel corner protectors are used for protection of webbing, cable or chain.