Storage Trailers

top_img1Toronto Trailers is able to provide you with perfect storage solution with our mobile storage trailers.


Our semi storage trailers are all maintained in “wind & water tight” condition and is ideal for commercial storage uses. Our trailers provide a versatile and cost effective method for commercial and industrial businesses looking to acquire additional warehouse or storage space for their short or even long term needs.  Trailers used for storage are exceptionally useful when they are going to be loaded and unloaded at dock level rather than at ground level.

Toronto Trailers has the ability to provide many storage trailers as is needed.  Storage trailers are able to provide your company additional space taken up by excess inventory of long term storage items that is simply consuming valuable space in your work areas.

We are able to offer various types of trailers and services that tailor to your specifications and needs. By offering flexible trailers rental services in the Toronto area we have the ability to gives our clients the option to rent our trailers for whatever time period they need it for. You may keep your trailer on location at your premise.



32′ Pup Storage Trailer Dimensions:

Exterior: 32′ L X 8’5″ W X 13’6″ H

Interior: 31’5″ L X 8’2″ W 8’5″ H

Door Opening: 7’8″ W X 7’5″ H

Cubic Capacity: 2200 CFT

48′ Storage Trailer Dimensions:

Exterior: 48’L X 8’6″ W X 13’6″ H

Interior: 47’4″ L X 8’3″ W 9’2″ H

Door Opening: 9’2″ W X 8′ H

Cubic Capacity: 3450 CFT

53′ Storage Trailer Dimensions:

Exterior: 53′ L X 8’6″ W X 13’6″ H

Interior: 52’4″ L X 8’3″ W 9’2″ H

Door Opening: 9’2″ W X 8′ H

Cubic Capacity: 3800 CFT

Stroage Trailers Flyer

In addition to having storage trailers for rental and sale, we rent and sell storage and shipping containers as well. If one of these products suits your needs more, have a look at our storage containers page and see what we have to offer. Always feel free to contact Toronto Trailers if you have any questions at all!