Van Trailer Products

Keeping Control of the Cargo:

Just as important as shipping products on-time is making sure they arrive in the same condition in which they were packed. To ensure that, Toronto Trailers carries the highest quality van trailer cargo control products in the market.  Stress tested to the highest breaking strength limits at the most affordable prices in North America!

Our staple dry van products include our ratchet straps, moving blankets, decking beams and load bars.   We always make sure we are stocked with an abundance supply of ratchet straps and moving blankets to ensure quick shipping and availability.

About Ratchet Straps and Tie Downs:

The ratchet straps we carry are available in various sizes so that it can be used in a variety of tie down applications.  Ratchet straps for tying down are commonly used and designed for securing and holding loads in place within dry van trailers during transport with logistic posts with E-Fitting or J-Hook ends.  Our ratchet straps are all made with a very rigid polyester material.

By ratcheting down firmly over a load, our heavy duty ratchet straps provide you with a stable and secure load.

Specifications for our Ratchet Straps:

Width: 2”

Length: 12’, 16’ or 20’

Working Load Limit: 2200: Lbs.

Breaking Strength:  4400 Lbs.

To ensure that our ratchet straps meet MTO and DOT regulations all of them are labeled with the working load limits both on the tag and webbing itself.


Cargo can easily be damaged or dented while in transit in the back of a moving truck.  Our moving blankets provide a thick protective covering for your valuables.  Protect your cargo and other fragile goods from damages and scratches with our top grade moving blankets!

Our Premium Moving Blankets are made from high quality poly/cotton blends that are both soft and extremely durable. On both sides of these blankets there is a durable woven fabric which are zig-zag quilted with a lock stich to ensure durability. To ensure that the moving blankets have a long life span, double stich binding is used.

The Premium Moving Blankets are 72″ x 80″ and are light blue on the one side and royal blue on the other. You can purchase them individually or by the dozen, which are packaged in a bale. Our Premium Blankets have a filler that is both soft and thick and a shipping weight of approximately 85 Lbs. per dozen.


Our Economy or Medium Grade Moving Blankets are made slightly thinner and have a shipping weight of approximately 55 lbs. per dozen.  Economy blankets are made of a non-woven poly fabric and are black on one side on grey on the other.


Our adjustable E-track aluminum decking beam load bars can be used to secure cargo or maximize your trailer cargo capacity by using them to double deck your trailer.  These E-track load bars use high strength aluminum and adjustable E-fitting ends that lock into E-tracks seamlessly.  The ends slide in and out of the ends of the square aluminum beam section which make the entire unit adjustable from 92″ to 103″.  The release mechanism is even easy to operate when wearing gloves which can be a nuisance with other “trigger” E-track mechanisms.

We also carry round tube ratchet load bars for trailers without E-tracks.  These load bars feature 2″ x 4″ bolt-on padded feet for no-slip traction once they are extend to appropriate pressure.  Made of high-quality steel, you know that durability is not an issue.  Our round tube cargo load bars are adjustable from 89-3/4″ to 104-1/2″