5 Flatbed Accessories You Need to Make Hauling Easier

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Transport of cargos happens daily. With different kinds of trucks and trailers running around carrying heavy equipment and other types of large-size cargos, one thing comes to mind, the safety of the drivers, the cargos, and every motorist that they pass by. With regular advancements in technology, the shipping industry has had multiple upgrades through the years.

Shipping companies have employed different systems and training to their personnel to further improve processes and skills within the company. However, people need to remember that for a single transport of goods to be successful, the securement of the cargos needs to be done as perfectly as possible to avoid road accidents. Before a truck even leaves, there are multiple equipment and accessories installed to brace, fasten, and tie down the cargo on its flatbed trailer.

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What Is a Flatbed Trailer?

Before we highlight some of the equipment and accessories used to make the transport of cargos easier and safer, we must give an overview first on deliveries that use a flatbed trailer. Basically, a flatbed trailer is a long platform, which is usually made of steel, which is connected to a truck or semi-truck. It is used to transport heavy equipment, construction materials, shipping storage containers and other large machinery.

A flatbed trailer is usually 5 feet from the ground that is able to carry tall equipment that does not exceed a height of 8’4”. It can legally transport cargo with a total weight of 48,000.00 lbs. Depending on the trailer used, it can have a length ranging from 20’ up to 53’. With cargos that may contain tall heavy machinery, there is great importance in securing them. There are requirements to secure travel safety imposed by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) that can be seen in the National Safety Code (NSC) Standard 10 – Cargo Securement.


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Flatbed Truck Accessories

In addition to these cargo securement requirements, below is a list of 5 accessories that are being used by the top shipping companies to assure safe and easier travel.

Tarpaulin Sheet/Cover (Tarp)

The tarps people would normally think about are those plastic or canvas tarps. Though they are being used as the norm, there is growing popularity in the use of steel tarps. This type of tarp is made from polyethylene material. It is considered to be one of the most helpful additions to secure cargo onto the trailer. This type is known to be waterproof; which makes it easier for the driver since cargos getting ruined during sudden changes in the weather become less of a worry. To add to the advantage of using a steel tarp, it actually protects the cargo from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Winch Strap

This strap is used to hold down the cargo. Since it is a fastener, it has a high-tensile strength. It is important to use a high-quality winch strap because this determines its chance of breaking as the trailer is moving and continuously experiences extreme vibrations.

Chains and Chain Binders

For heavy equipment and machinery, using a combination of chains and binders is the better option to tie them down. These are not susceptible to tearing which is best against sharp edges of heavy equipment.

Corner/Edge Protector

During travel, with the amount of vibration and pressure happening, there will always be friction between the cargos and the straps that are holding them in place. Due to this friction, the straps are continuously getting scratched, which cannot be avoided even if the straps are of the highest quality. Eventually, the amount of wear and tear can cause the strap to break which is dangerous while in transit. To prevent this, corner protectors are placed in between the corners of the cargos and the straps that touch these corners.

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Tire Chain

Most of Canada is known to have snow during the winter season. Having streets covered in snow is challenging for trucks and trailers carrying heavy loads. To prevent the tires from slipping, tire chains are used to provide extra grip during this road condition. In some areas, snow chains are even required when traveling for added safety.

Flatbed Accessories Keep Cargo Secure and Safe

Road safety is very crucial when transporting heavy cargo. Shipping companies invest a lot in their cargo securement equipment and accessories to ensure safety. They not only look after the safety of the citizens and the motorists, but they have to make sure that the cargo themselves do not get any damages. If you have some cargo that you need to transport, you should try to investigate with the shipping companies their process for securing cargo.

Include in your inquiry the tools and equipment they are using and if possible, the brands so that you can do further research on these items. It is best that you find out by yourself if you can trust the company that you are entrusting with your property. So, if you wish to have some cargo transported, please contact Toronto Trailers at 416 477 5488, because we assure you that we are using only the best equipment and tools available.

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