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Are Moving Blankets Necessary?

Using the correct types of packing materials is crucial when moving to a new house or office. The items you are moving come in various shapes and sizes. Because of these considerations, you should not directly place them in boxes or let movers carry them without any protection. Without the proper types of packaging materials, the items you are transferring are put in situations that would cause damages during transport. One of the most important packaging materials that you should acquire is moving blankets. This article will discuss the importance of using them.

Important Things That You Should Know About Moving Blankets

Transporting large items requires protective materials that would not easily rip or break apart. Moving blankets are known to be created from heavy-duty materials. People use moving blankets, in most cases, to protect their furniture during transport. This is why they are also called furniture padding. It is important for people to be familiar with them since they actually have other uses. You may refer below to know more about moving blankets:

  •       Moving blankets are usually composed of cotton, polyester, or a combination of these materials. The materials used to make moving blankets are important to determine their quality and durability. There are new kinds of moving blankets that are being sold. People should research these other kinds to ensure that these moving blankets can last for longer periods of time.
  •       Heavier moving blankets are known to be more durable and can provide more cushion for the items that are being transported. These heavy moving blankets use more heavy-duty materials, which causes their weights to increase. Moving blankets that weigh at least 8 lbs are known to be strong and durable enough to be used more times than lighter ones.
  •       The manufacturing of moving blankets also helps in making them more durable. The type of fabric is one factor that can determine if a moving blanket is able to last longer. The main issue with moving blankets is that they risk getting torn, especially if they cannot handle the weight of the items that are being transported.
  •       There is also importance in how the materials are bound together to create the moving blanket. Moving blankets that have uniform binding and tight stitching are known to resist heavier objects and do not tear or rip apart easily.
  •       You may rent or buy moving blankets. Renting them may be cheaper unless you will need to move things in the future. If you purchase moving blankets, you can use them for other things when you do not have any plans to move your things in the future. The decision to rent or buy moving blankets will depend on how you plan to use them. You should take extra caution when renting moving blankets since the owners may require you to return them in the same condition when you received them. This may be possible if you are sure that the moving blankets are made from high-quality materials.
  •       To maintain and clean your moving blankets, you can hand wash or machine wash them. All moving blankets can be hand washed. There are certain types of moving blankets that should not be washed using a machine based on the materials that were used to create them. You will have to check with the manufacturer to ensure that you do not damage your moving blankets when you are cleaning them. For moving blankets that can be machine washed, make sure that you use commercial washing machines. The size of moving blankets may not allow them to fit inside regular washing machines.
  •       Moving blankets should be supported by shrink wraps and tapes. After you wrap a piece of furniture or appliance with a moving blanket, you will need to fasten it with a shrink wrap so that it will be able to effectively hold the item. Adding tape all over the shrink wrap will ensure that it can hold the moving blanket in place when the item is being transported. Also, using shrink wrap will help so that the tape will not stick to the moving blanket and help prevent the tape from damaging its surface.
  •       When you are deciding on how many moving blankets to buy or rent, you should count all the furniture and appliances that need to be securely wrapped. You may use one moving blanket per item. However, if you have large items, you may need to use more than one moving blanket for these items. You should make sure that you have enough moving blankets to completely secure the items that will be moved. The value of these items may cost more than acquiring moving blankets, and you must never put these items in harm’s way.

Moving Blankets Necessary

Why Are Moving Blankets Necessary?

After knowing the basic things about moving blankets, you must understand their importance during transport. The list below shows why these moving blankets are necessary to have:

  •       It makes it easier for heavy items to be transported.

o   Carrying around items puts them at risk of accidentally falling down. This usually happens when people are forced to carry heavy objects. With moving blankets, it is possible for movers to just push or drag your heavy things around. This reduces the risk of getting into accidents. The smooth surfaces of moving blankets make it easier for the items to slide on your floors.

  •       Using moving blankets will protect your floors from scratches.

o   Since heavy items are usually pushed or dragged by the people assigned to transport them, just like using moving boxes, the moving blankets ensure that the sharp surfaces of the furniture and appliances do not get in contact with the floor. With the smooth surfaces of moving, it makes moving more efficient and reduces the risk of dropping the items when they are carried around. Dropping heavy items on your floor can cause structural damage and must be avoided at all times.

  •       They protect your walls and items from getting damaged if the items are carried.

o   For items that need to be carried, they risk slamming or sideswiping your walls. If the hard surfaces of the items were the ones that would get in contact with the wall, there is a big possibility that the paint on your walls may get damaged. This also goes for the items that are being moved without moving blankets, some parts may break if they hit your walls. Since moving blankets ensure that the hard surfaces are covered, your walls would be saved from any impact from sharp surfaces. Also, moving blankets that have been wrapped properly will ensure that all parts of the items will not be able to move. If the items accidentally hit the walls, the blankets will act as the cushion to soften the blow. This will help the items avoid getting damaged.

  •       Moving blankets make sure that the items that are pushed or dragged around will not get damaged from touching rough and hard surfaces.

o   The same as the effect of moving blankets with the floor, they also protect the surfaces of the items that are being transported. As the items are pushed or dragged around the property, the moving blanket keeps the items safe from losing their paints and protective coatings since they will not be able to get in contact with the floor. In addition, the legs of furniture are known to be fragile due to how they were built. Accidents can cause these legs to break off. The cushion provided by the moving blankets will ensure that any force that may get in contact with the items will be caught by them.

  •       Moving blankets also help keep your items safe from dirt, dust, sunlight, snow, and rain.

o   When all the items are loaded on the vehicles that will be transporting them to the new location, there is always the possibility that weather conditions may turn bad. Moving blankets have been designed to protect the items from getting in contact with sunlight, water, snow, and dust. They ensure that the items will maintain their present good conditions when they arrive at their destination.

  •       During transit, moving blankets will prevent your furniture and appliances from moving around.

o   This is very important because the vibration of a moving vehicle can cause items to shift positions. Items that shift positions are subjected to bumping and, possibly, damaging each other. Moving blankets will act as the buffer in between items.

  •       Moving blankets can be used for other purposes after moving day.

o   After you have unloaded all the items you will be using in your new house or office, items that may need to be put in storage can be wrapped with the moving blankets you used during the moving process. These items will be given extra protection from dust and dirt that may accumulate over time. Other uses of your moving blankets may include sound proofing certain rooms in your house, giving your pets extra cushion on their beds, and having all-purpose blankets that may be used in special occasions.

Use Excellent-Quality Moving Blankets

Seeing the importance of using moving blankets when moving your things to different destinations, you must make sure that you use blankets that will be able to last for longer periods of time. Purchasing moving blankets is an investment that can give you various benefits. If you are looking for moving blankets, you may contact Toronto Trailers at 416 477 5488. As one of the reputable providers of transporting materials, we assure our clients that we are only selling items of excellent quality.

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