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Benefits of Using Bubble Wrap When Packing Items

Transporting any sort of packages, whether it’s fragile or not, still requires extra care. Among all the numerous packaging materials that can protect packages, bubble wrap has several benefits for packing items. Bubble wrap packaging is one of the packaging materials proven to be effective and efficient. 

Benefits of Bubble Wrap For Packing Items

Bubble wraps are one of the best protective packaging material that provides several benefits for packing items, which include the following:

Protects Items from Impact

Among other packaging materials, why use bubble wraps? Simply because it can give full protection to your items against any impact. Since it has air-filled bubbles, it won’t allow any pressure to affect your items directly. Besides, the bubble wrap’s cushioning effect takes away the pressure quickly. If you want to protect your packages from vibration and shocks, use multiple layers of bubble wrap.

Ideal For  Custom Packaging Needs

 Bubble Wrap

Be it a big or small item. Bubble wrap packaging can protect and insulate it. The best thing about it is that you can cut them easily using scissors to get the size and form you prefer. If you need to wrap or protect many oddly-shaped items, big bubble wrap sheets are recommended as it is malleable enough to cover the entire object.

If you don’t want to cut it on your own, there are custom bubble wrap sheets for your items available in the market. Besides, many companies offer various options suited for your packaging needs. Just be sure that the company you chose is the best provider with years of experience producing quality bubble wrap. With this, you can enjoy all the benefits of bubble wrap for packing your items and will bring success to your business in the long run.

Easy to Use and Time Saving

Another best benefit of using bubble wrap for packing products is it isn’t complicated to use. As its name suggests, all you have to do is wrap them on the items you need to ship. You don’t need any special tool or device to utilize bubble wrap. Besides that, since it’s easy to use, it won’t eat a lot of your time packing your items.


More often than not, your package weight plays a vital role when it comes to shipping costs. No one wants to pay extra fees for the shipping because of heavy packaging materials. It’s never a problem with bubble wrap since it is only lightweight and will not add up to the weight of your items. It is light because its structure contains mostly air with multiple layers of lightweight plastic for durability. One of the reasons why it is essential to use bubble wrap is to save more money with shipping costs.



Another benefit of bubble wrap for packing items is the cost itself. Due to its low price, it can offer a great deal for your businesses. If you’re a small business owner who ships many individual items, a bubble wrap will not cost you much money, unlike other packaging materials. With bubble wrap, you can assure that your items are well-packed at a very affordable price and will not arrive at their destination with damages.  


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How to Use Bubble Wraps?

Do you know the proper way of using bubble wrap for your packages? Follow our step-by-step instructions below to get started. 

Wrap Your Items on a Flat and Clean Surface

When packing your items for shipping with bubble wrap, it’s better to find a flat, clean surface. Ensure that you have ample space for the items you want to ship, and there are enough bubble wrap packing materials to cover the whole object. Also, make sure that you have enough space for folding, taping, and securing your item comfortably without continually moving. 

Lay Bubble Wrap and Face the Bubble Side Inside

Make sure that you lay the protective bubble wrap, so the bubble side is facing up. With that, you can guarantee that the pockets of air will manage to do their job and protect your fragile package during shipping. If the bubbles are facing out, they will be popped during transportation. If that happens, the purpose of using bubble wrap and other packaging materials will be nonsense.

Lay Bubble Wrap and Face the Bubble Side Inside

Generously Surround Item with Bubble Wrap

Wrap your items with bubble wrap more generously. You don’t want to make your customer upset when they long for the packages to arrive, only to realize that the items inside are damaged or broken. This incident will not only make your customers mad, calling you to ask about the return policy, but it will also hurt your brand in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Due to the several benefits of bubble wrap for packing items, it remains the most commonly used packaging material when sending packages anywhere in the world. If you are also looking for cost-effective and efficient packaging material, bubble wrap will never fail you. 

However, for it to become effective, knowing the proper way of using bubble wrap is essential whether you’re a business owner who regularly ships packages or just wants to send some packages to a particular place.

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