Benefits of Using Headache Racks for Your Semi-truck

Headache Racks for Semi-truck

Headache racks are designed to protect your truck’s rear window from shifting cargo by completely framing it as well as covering the glass. It is placed at the back of a cab and is purposely built to protect semi-truck passengers ad drivers from moving cargo.

Situations where trucks are hauling shipment then suddenly make a stop usually results in cargo flying through the vehicle’s rear cab window and cause injury. The presence of a headache rack eliminates this possibility.

Its name was derived from the racks’ ability to protect people from having their heads accidentally hit or slammed by flying cargo. These racks have similarly protected objects as well as other items from hitting the back windshield. 

Headache Rack

The following are the basic features of a headache rack.

  • They are corrosion-resistant 
  • Headache racks are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum
  • They can withstand natural and man-made elements
  • Headache racks prevent cab damage
  • They prevent the sun from hitting the cab’s back thereby resulting in a truck’s cooler interior temperature 
  • Headache racks are customizable
  • They can be equipped with LED lights for night use
  • They are easily removable due mostly to clamp-on installation
  • Headache racks give trucks the impression of power, toughness and ruggedness


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Different Types of Headache Racks

Headache racks are classified according to how they are placed on the truck. Roof-mounted headache racks are installed atop the vehicle. Meanwhile, bed-mounted racks are placed on the truck’s floor. 

Similarly, there are headache racks with side to side crossbars as well as racks that feature cutouts for the truck’s windows. There are also racks that cover the window’s perimeter. Other headache rack types available in the market include the following:

  • Standard headache racks can match a semi-truck’s style via round corners
  • Enclosed headache racks allow any size or configuration of a cab guard unit 
  • Closet headache racks allow any cargo type to be stored inside an overhead lift-up door
  • Commercial grade headache racks are made of thick steel and are coated with corrosion-resistant powder. They aim to protect a semi-truck’s rear window, help shade the cab, and provide a cool interior.
  • Stainless steel headache racks have an eye-catching tubular steel structure. These are waterproof racks that can carry light bars, toolboxes, and bed rack kits.
  • Painted headache racks add a bit of aesthetics to an otherwise bland looking but sturdy and useful equipment. In terms of functionality, these racks offer protection from harsh weather and are covered in UV-resistant paint.


The Benefits of Headache Racks 

Headache racks are truck accessories specially made for passenger protection. It also serves as a welcome addition to a cab’s existing features and upholstery. Essentially, it prevents cargo from causing damage due to its tendency to shift in the bed during transport. 

Prior to the invention of headache racks, it was common for items or cargo such as a table, hammer, or brick to suddenly slam forward during driving and then damage a semi-truck’s window or cause injury to passengers or the driver. The following are further benefits of using headache racks in semi-trucks.


It is not only the security of the truck driver or his or her passenger that is provided by headache racks but the people who are similarly driving down the road with you. A headache rack built using sturdy materials, such as waterproof aluminum, assures that you can drive safely while hauling tons of equipment and materials at the back of your semi-truck.

Damage Prevention

As previously mentioned, headache racks help semi-trucks avoid damage by preventing an impact from occurring due to sudden braking or an accident. These racks have the ability to stop any material or cargo from flying off and causing any untoward incident.

Proper Storage

Headache racks also add to the storage you already have. A specific type of rack you will need for this purpose is an enclosed or closet headache rack. These come in various types and your choice would depend on the requirements of your cargo.

If your semi-truck is a day cab, you can opt to have an enclosed headache rack with a window for the purpose of easy visibility. Bars can be had for added protection while still having a decent view of the semi-truck. If you are hauling small objects, a headache rack with grilled windows provides additional reinforcement. 

Certain headache racks also come with hydraulic tanks. These come useful when you are hauling liquid cargo. Some even have an oil separator included in order for the oil to not leak during the journey. These racks are easy to install and are user-friendly. They can be hooked and unhooked easily from the cab guard. 

Proper Storage


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Easy Hauling

Numerous headache racks are equipped with trays or tool racks that allow drivers to easily and securely have access to much-needed roadside tools and cargo supplies. Specifically, commercial-grade headache racks have upright posts that allow them to haul added cargo such as ladder, lumber, or piping.


Headache racks, also known as truck racks, literally and figuratively save drivers, passengers, and operators from having a headache. Its ability to secure materials and equipment from sliding around the interiors of a truck during a sudden stop saves anyone from being unnecessarily hit. It also preserves expensive cargo from suffering dents, scrapes or damage. To know more contact Toronto Trailers today!

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