How to Properly Use Tie Downs to Safely and Legally Secure Cargo Loads

Do not underestimate the value of properly securing cargo. This is evident in the 2017 CVSA International Roadcheck where 15.7% of vehicles were put out of service due to improper cargo security. Other consequences of inefficient cargo control securement are the following: Fines and citations Vehicle damage Cargo damage Load loss Loss of life SecuringRead More

Know the Reasons Why an E-Track Is a Safe, Smart, and Effective Cargo Control Solution

Whether you are personally or professionally transporting tools, shipments, and equipment, it is critical that no damage will occur at any time during transit. Doing so saves all stakeholders from spending money unnecessarily.  Specific equipment that assists in securing cargo during transport include the following: Ratchet straps are fasteners utilized to secure and support cargoRead More

How To Safely Use Chain Binders To Securely Tie Down Heavy Cargo

Hauling cargo, such as heavy machinery or vehicles, requires heavy-duty equipment. Chain binders serve as a practical tool for those who need to feel secure and worry-free when transporting large and weighty shipments. Related article: How To Safely Use Chain Binders To Securely Tie Down Heavy Cargo   When should you use chain binders?   ChainRead More

Easy Ways to Give your Semi-Truck the Best Fuel Mileage

Semi-trucks reportedly make up a quarter of all fuel burned per year. This despite a mere 4.3% of them plying US roads. In terms of fuel efficiency, semi-trucks - on average - receive 6.5 miles each gallon. Essentially, these vehicles are not known for being fuel-efficient. Regardless of whether you operate a fleet or ownRead More

How to Choose and Use Tire Chains like a Pro

Tire chains are useful tools when driving on icy roads filled with hard-packed snow. Their purpose is to improve a vehicle’s traction and climbing capability. It also boosts a car’s stopping distance due to a tire chain’s ability to cling to ice or …

Top 10 Cargo Control Products to be thankful for

Transportation products can either be used by you as a personal item or distributed as gifts. Either way, these goods offer benefits that are more than enough to provide you with functional usability not just today but also in the long haul…

6 Simple Ways to be a Healthier Truck Driver in 2019

Choosing to live a healthier life this 2019 will bring positive results that will last you a lifetime. The more you make a conscious effort to better yourself, the easier your life will be. These habits will eventually become a necessary part of your routine, until it naturally forms part of your day to day life. Never tire to improve yourself. Staying healthy will not only do your job good, it will also allow you to live a productive personal life…

Polyester Slings vs Nylon Slings: Which Web Sling Type is Better?

Essentially, whether you use polyester or nylon, both synthetic web slings are smart choices when you are on the lookout to protect a sensitive equipment from damage. Both materials possess the strength, and pliability to adapt to the load’s shape or mold. Both are able to provide a secure grip to any load while also absorbing any shock. Polyester and nylon slings are cost-effective cushions compared to slings made of chain or wire rope…

What Your Trucking Company Needs to Know about “Last Mile Delivery”

Last mile delivery is a service that came about to help supplement the capabilities of other package delivery companies such as the United Parcel Service. UPS and other similar companies were created to handle a range of small packages during a time when customers were highly unlikely to make large purchases such as appliances or furniture. But, as online shopping has become the norm for nearly all products, the delivery service industry has had to adapt…