How Much Does a Moving Blanket Cost?

Preparation is the key to efficiently and safely moving from one location to another. Before the mover arrives, your items need to be ready. For safety, you should use moving blankets to protect your stuff. Although it costs you money, the price you paid is nothing compared to preventing damage from occurring. How much doRead More

How Much is a Storage Container?

Purchasing your own shipping storage container can be cost-effective depending on how you plan to use it. Storage containers can be used by individuals to move different types of cargo, which may include furniture, appliances, or any type of item that needs to be transferred to a new location. This makes it useful especially duringRead More

7 Tips for Shipping Items with Bubble Wrap

In some estimates, the pandemic accelerated the growth of the e-commerce industry by five years. More people shopping online means more products delivered to customers daily. Instead of going to stores and malls, ordering online is convenient. There is no risk of exposure to a stranger who might carry the virus. On the other hand,Read More

How Many Straps Do I Need to Secure a Load?

Imagine a fully-loaded truck. Once in transit, road and weather conditions change. If the material used to secure the cargo is not durable or not correctly tied, an accident can occur. For cargo securement, the ratchet strap is the most commonly used among the different tie-downs available. Likewise, knowing how to use them properly isRead More

5 Flatbed Accessories You Need to Make Hauling Easier

Transport of cargos happens daily. With different kinds of trucks and trailers running around carrying heavy equipment and other types of large-size cargos, one thing comes to mind, the safety of the drivers, the cargos, and every motorist that they pass by. With regular advancements in technology, the shipping industry has had multiple upgrades throughRead More

Smart Tips for Renting a Storage Container

You may have heard from your friends and colleagues before about the convenience of using storage containers (also called shipping containers). Whether it is packing and moving to a new house or building, or storing some of your things for safekeeping, the use of storage containers is an excellent solution for many people. On theRead More

What Do You Need to Know About Cargo Securement?

For you, as a customer, you want an assurance that your cargo is shipped in a safe and timely manner. As for us in the shipping industry, our main concern is that we do not break our promises to you. We treasure the utmost trust you have given us with all your shipping needs.  OurRead More

What are the Different Types of Shipping Storage Containers?

Shipping containers have been used significantly in different industries, such as shipping, trade, transport, and housing. Besides, several types of shipping storage containers are used in transporting cargo and goods by air, land, or water.  Although shipping is its primary function, there are other interesting ways that containers can be used. You can use themRead More