What are the Different Types of Shipping Storage Containers?

Shipping containers have been used significantly in different industries, such as shipping, trade, transport, and housing. Besides, several types of shipping storage containers are used in transporting cargo and goods by air, land, or water.  Although shipping is its primary function, there are other interesting ways that containers can be used. You can use themRead More

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Pump Truck?

Pump truck rental is common for concrete contractors that place concrete every day at work. For every contractor, renting a concrete pump truck is more convenient and affordable than purchasing it. If you are a contractor that prefers renting than buying a pump truck, you may find many equipment rental companies in Canada that offerRead More

Benefits of Using Bubble Wrap When Packing Items

Transporting any sort of packages, whether it’s fragile or not, still requires extra care. Among all the numerous packaging materials that can protect packages, bubble wrap has several benefits for packing items. Bubble wrap packaging is one of the packaging materials proven to be effective and efficient.  Benefits of Bubble Wrap For Packing Items BubbleRead More

What are the Basic Rules for Cargo Securement?

When it comes to securing your loads, you should follow the mandated rules for cargo securement to avoid future accidents. The new cargo securement precautions still apply to the same vehicle and cargo types, same with the old rules.  It includes all kinds of cargo articles, except commodities in bulk that don’t have fixed shapesRead More

Safety Benefits of Lever Binders and Ratchet Binders

Binders are tools used to tighten chains to secure your cargo for transport. Despite the injury risks that it may bring to every cargo dealer, binders also have safety benefits to take note of. It may be scary to operate all types of blinders, but knowing the proper way of using them will prevent youRead More

5 Tips for Effective Cargo Control and Securement

Regardless of what type of truck a driver is responsible for, a cargo securement check is necessary. Fortunately, there are many tips for effective cargo control and securement. These tips can help truck drivers get their cargo to the right location.  Anything and everything carried on a truck must be adequately secured to prevent lossRead More

What is a Chain Binder?

Whether you are hauling tons of equipment or only transporting heavy equipment into a utility trailer, it’s essential to understand what is a chain binder. These binders are used to fasten down your load securely.  Nylon strap tie-downs are good cargo securing equipment. However, nothing anchors a heavy load better than chain binders. Regardless ofRead More

Tow vs Recovery Straps: Which is a Better Option?

Knowing what option to choose between a tow vs recovery straps is crucial for the success of your freight shipping endeavour. These two straps may look the same, but there are significant differences between tow and recovery straps. As their name suggests, tow straps are designed specifically for “towing” and recovery straps are for “recovering”Read More

Importance of Cargo Securing and Packing

Freight transportation and shipping of goods are major sources of commerce in modern times. With the constant movement of freight from place to place, there’s a need to understand the importance of cargo securing and packing.  One of the major causes of damage to goods during transport is a lack of proper storage facilities onboardRead More

How To Secure Your Cargo Using an E-track System

One of the useful cargo equipment for securing cargo is the E-track system. If you’re new to this, you must know how to secure your cargo with an E-track system properly. Although cargo securement is mostly for flatbed trailers, it’s also important for moving trucks.  An E-track system can save time and money. In addition,Read More