Can You Machine Wash Moving Blankets?

machine wash moving blankets

After you have finished transferring to your new house or office, you may have to clean up all the moving tools and supplies used. Many of the items used to wrap some of the things are candidates for disposal. As for moving blankets, keep them because they are still usable in the future. You do have to clean them due to the accumulation of dirt and dust. How do you do that? Read on.

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Things to Remember About Moving Blankets

Before discussing the maintenance tips for your moving blankets, you should be more familiar with what they are.

  • Moving blankets protect furniture, appliances, and other large items during transit.
  • The materials used to make moving blankets are cotton, polyester, or a combination of both.
  • They are thick enough to absorb external pressure trying to get in contact with your cargo.
  • Moving blankets are heavy-duty and can thus withstand strong forces. But it will depend on how the manufacturer since some sell them cheaply by reducing quality level.
  • They also add protection from the securement tools used to tie down the cargo onto the back of trailers.

How Moving Blanket Protects and Enhance Cargo Control

After knowing more about what moving blankets are, it is also important to know why you should use them. The following list details the common reasons for using moving blankets:

  • Moving blankets can prevent scratching your floor. By covering all the edges of furniture and appliances, sharp edges will not contact the floor. With thicker moving blankets, you may not feel the corners and edges of the item. The risk of dropping items is high every time one moves furniture around. Moving blankets can protect both the floor and the items from incurring damage. The thickness of the moving blanket acts as a cushion, relieving some of the pressure.
  • Transporting items will accumulate dirt and dust. These may scratch the items. Covering them with moving blankets will ensure that the dirt and grime do not reach the items. The moving blanket acts as a filter. All the grime will stick to the moving blanket instead.
  • During transit, nothing can altogether remove the risk of items from shifting. Even the best securement tools may still fail. That means that there is a chance that furniture can turn positions during transit. Moving objects in transit can result in bumping, which may cause scratches and damage. Moving blankets prevent items from getting damaged when they bump into each other.
  • With moving blankets covering heavy furniture, pushing them across the room is possible. Sliding things over to the door is more efficient than carrying them because of the weight. The floor and items will not get into direct contact with the moving blanket acting as a barrier.

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moving blankets for shifting

Tips on Machine Washing Moving Blankets

Moving blankets absorb all the dust and other types of grime during transit. They get dirty from getting pushed on floors and absorbing smoke if loaded on an open trailer. With your goal of reusing your moving blankets, you may clean them by hand. Even better, they are machine washable.

When it comes to washing machines, you must use a commercial-sized one. That is because of the size of a moving blanket; it cannot fit a regular home washing machine. Be careful, though, since not all types of moving blankets are machine washable. You may refer to some tips related to cleaning moving blankets with a washing machine:

  • Confirm from the supplier if the moving blanket you bought or rented allows machine washing. Depending on the materials used to make the product, it may not be recommended for machine wash.
  • Conduct a colorfastness test. It will tell you if the colour of the material will run. If it does, then the best option for you is to dry clean instead. If you are not particular about the blanket retaining its colour, you can proceed with machine wash.
  • Make sure to vacuum first. It will remove dirt from the surface. It would be best if you clean both sides of the moving blanket.
  • For any stained areas, you should apply some pretreatment stain remover.
  • Use cold water and mild detergent to preserve the quality of the moving blanket. Do not put in too much laundry detergent in the same way you wash your clothes.
  • When it comes to drying the moving blanket, it is best to hang it under the sun. The intensity of commercial dryers can be high, which can damage their structure. But if you still opt to use a commercial dryer, add some damp towels. It will help toss the blanket so it can dry evenly.
  • Before storing the moving blanket, you must make sure that it is completely dry. As you may need to store the blanket for an extended period, you do not want moulds and mildew to form on it.

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Machine Washable But Be Careful

Maintaining the cleanliness of your moving blankets is crucial. Washing them should be done with utmost care. Take extra caution before you put a moving blanket inside a commercial washing machine.

You should make sure that it is compatible with a washing machine. That is because of the materials used and how it was created. Inferior moving blankets, for example, may not be able to handle the cleaning power of a commercial washing machine. These types of moving blankets need hand washing instead.

Though it takes more effort, you should take good care of the blankets. You do not know, but you might need to use them anytime. Moving blankets have many other uses besides covering furniture that will be transferred. You can take advantage of their thickness and durable structure in some other ways.

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