Safety Benefits of Lever Binders and Ratchet Binders

Binders are tools used to tighten chains to secure your cargo for transport. Despite the injury risks that it may bring to every cargo dealer, binders also have safety benefits to take note of. It may be scary to operate all types of blinders, but knowing the proper way of using them will prevent youRead More

What is a Chain Binder?

Whether you are hauling tons of equipment or only transporting heavy equipment into a utility trailer, it’s essential to understand what is a chain binder. These binders are used to fasten down your load securely.  Nylon strap tie-downs are good cargo securing equipment. However, nothing anchors a heavy load better than chain binders. Regardless ofRead More

Tips for Avoiding Injury with a Lever Load Binder

Safety is a necessity especially in a high-risk industry such as trucking. According to a 2012 study made by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, professional truck drivers are more likely to experience a non-fatal on-the-job injury compared to an average worker. The same study cites the following injuries as common within the truckingRead More

How To Safely Use Chain Binders To Securely Tie Down Heavy Cargo

Hauling cargo, such as heavy machinery or vehicles, requires heavy-duty equipment. Chain binders serve as a practical tool for those who need to feel secure and worry-free when transporting large and weighty shipments. When should you use chain binders? Chain binders are used anytime the load’s weight increases. The working load limits of the tie-downs addRead More