Can You Machine Wash Moving Blankets?

After you have finished transferring to your new house or office, you may have to clean up all the moving tools and supplies used. Many of the items used to wrap some of the things are candidates for disposal. As for moving blankets, keep them because they are still usable in the future. You doRead More

How Much Does a Moving Blanket Cost?

Preparation is the key to efficiently and safely moving from one location to another. Before the mover arrives, your items need to be ready. For safety, you should use moving blankets to protect your stuff. Although it costs you money, the price you paid is nothing compared to preventing damage from occurring. How much doRead More

What Should You Know Before Renting Moving Blankets

When moving, you have two options, it's either you hire a professional mover or take care of the process yourself. The latter can prove difficult without the requisite knowledge. Moving blankets are an important tool that can simplify this process.  If you hire a professional mover, then chances are they can provide these moving blanketsRead More