How to Care for Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps go by many names. They are similarly called tie-downs or lashing straps. These straps are used for material handling and are highly dependable when securing cargo during transport.  They mainly provide leverage and thus make cargo easy to ratchet, thus the name. It also allows cargo to be quickly and tightly secured. RatchetRead More

Tips for Avoiding Injury with a Lever Load Binder

Safety is a necessity especially in a high-risk industry such as trucking. According to a 2012 study made by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, professional truck drivers are more likely to experience a non-fatal on-the-job injury compared to an average worker. The same study cites the following injuries as common within the truckingRead More

How to Properly Use Tie Downs to Safely and Legally Secure Cargo Loads

Do not underestimate the value of properly securing cargo. This is evident in the 2017 CVSA International Roadcheck where 15.7% of vehicles were put out of service due to improper cargo security. Other consequences of inefficient cargo control securement are the following: Fines and citations Vehicle damage Cargo damage Load loss Loss of life SecuringRead More

How To Safely Use Chain Binders To Securely Tie Down Heavy Cargo

Hauling cargo, such as heavy machinery or vehicles, requires heavy-duty equipment. Chain binders serve as a practical tool for those who need to feel secure and worry-free when transporting large and weighty shipments. Related article: How To Safely Use Chain Binders To Securely Tie Down Heavy Cargo   When should you use chain binders?   ChainRead More

How to Choose and Use Tire Chains like a Pro

Tire chains are useful tools when driving on icy roads filled with hard-packed snow. Their purpose is to improve a vehicle’s traction and climbing capability. It also boosts a car’s stopping distance due to a tire chain’s ability to cling to ice or …

Roadside Emergency Help: How to Use Recovery Straps to Get Out of the Snow

Recovery straps, sometimes called snatch straps, are designed to pull vehicles from being stuck in snow, mud or a ditch. While you can find recovery or towing type straps made of metal chain, polypropylene or other synthetic fibers, the best quality straps are made of nylon. Nylon has more stretch, allows you to maintain greater control and is lighter than the other materials which makes it easier to keep with you…