Facts About Flatbed Starter Kits

A flatbed truck is not your standard box truck or pickup truck because it consists of an open bed or trailer. It is specially structured to allow you to directly load your cargo on it.  Roof and walls are non-existent in a flatbed truck as these can get in the way of your loaders orRead More

How to Drive Safely During the Winter

Truck drivers are prone to experience harsh weather conditions due to the nature of their work. This becomes especially evident in winter when temperatures drop to an alarming degree. During this time, even seasoned road veterans find it difficult to manage the wheels once they meet the cold and harsh icy roads. Being always safeRead More

Benefits of Using Headache Racks for Your Semi-truck

Headache racks are designed to protect your truck’s rear window from shifting cargo by completely framing it as well as covering the glass. It is placed at the back of a cab and is purposely built to protect semi-truck passengers ad drivers from moving cargo. Situations where trucks are hauling shipment then suddenly make aRead More

What You Need to Know About Flatbed Trailer Tarps

The purpose of flatbed trailer tarps is to shield cargo from man-made and natural elements, as well as wear and tear during transport. Tarps are therefore waterproof and are made of kevlar, vinyl or canvas. For additional protection, they have polyethylene coating to keep materials safe and secure. There are numerous types of flatbed trailerRead More