Benefits of Using Headache Racks for Your Semi-truck

Headache racks are designed to protect your truck’s rear window from shifting cargo by completely framing it as well as covering the glass. It is placed at the back of a cab and is purposely built to protect semi-truck passengers ad drivers from moving cargo. Situations where trucks are hauling shipment then suddenly make aRead More

Easy Ways to Give your Semi-Truck the Best Fuel Mileage

Semi-trucks reportedly make up a quarter of all fuel burned per year. This despite a mere 4.3% of them plying US roads. In terms of fuel efficiency, semi-trucks - on average - receive 6.5 miles each gallon. Essentially, these vehicles are not known for being fuel-efficient. Regardless of whether you operate a fleet or ownRead More

What Your Trucking Company Needs to Know about “Last Mile Delivery”

Last mile delivery is a service that came about to help supplement the capabilities of other package delivery companies such as the United Parcel Service. UPS and other similar companies were created to handle a range of small packages during a time when customers were highly unlikely to make large purchases such as appliances or furniture. But, as online shopping has become the norm for nearly all products, the delivery service industry has had to adapt…