Facts About Flatbed Starter Kits

Flatbed Starter Kits

A flatbed truck is not your standard box truck or pickup truck because it consists of an open bed or trailer. It is specially structured to allow you to directly load your cargo on it. 

Roof and walls are non-existent in a flatbed truck as these can get in the way of your loaders or shipment. A flatbed truck allows more weight and size to be loaded compared to an enclosed bed. It is, therefore, the best option for those who require maximum capability and very minimal inconvenience.

Meanwhile, flatbed starter kits provide drivers with the convenience to outfit trailers and add companies to their fleet. Whatever your haul may be, whether these are steel or lumber, a starter kit helps you secure your load properly and fully. It also protects your load from natural elements such as wind, snow, rain or road debris.

Flatbed Starter Kits

Below are more relevant facts about flatbed trucks and flatbed starter kits.

  • The maximum weight capacity of a flatbed truck is determined by numerous factors. But generally, a 24-foot three-axle truck is allowed a maximum load of 54,000 lbs. Meanwhile, a 36-foot four-axle truck is allowed 66,000 lbs of maximum load. A 51-foot five-axle truck is allowed 80,000 lbs, and a 43-foot six axle-truck is 80,000 lbs.
  • Other factors that will influence a truck’s ability to haul weight are its transfer case, engine, axle space, and the vehicle’s general health. 
  • Loads that are heavier and require lengthier journeys would best be served by a flatbed trailer.
  • Hauling via flatbed trucks is preferred by drivers and companies because they are essentially easier to load.
  • Flatbed trucks are able to accommodate loads that are larger and more difficult to load – minus the problems of managing a trailer
  • It is also ideal for those who irregularly haul loads as they will be able to save on additional licensing expenses and trailer storage
  • Additional accessories are available from flatbed starter kits in order to allow your fleet to start rolling. These accessories include straps, tarps, chains all of which are designed to protect and secure your load.
  • There are flatbed starter kits specially made when hauling lumber. Lumber tarps are heavy-duty materials to properly seal lumber units. Other materials include releasing winch straps, tensioning winch bar, and strap winder.
  • Flatbed starter kits for hauling steel are also available. These are specially designed to offer protection to sheets, steel rods, cable as well as lower-profile materials. Steel tarps are made of heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester to allow it to be highly resistant to tear. Cargo is therefore fully protected and encased from wind, snow, rain, or road debris.
  • Flatbed starter kits for hauling steel include grab hooks, ratchet chain binders, steel corner protectors, friction pads, coil racks.
  • Flatbed starter kits for hauling either steel or lumber are available and are referred to as deluxe. This kit includes a heavy-duty steel tarp, heavy-duty lumber tarp, a flat hooked winch strap, flat hooked ratchet straps, chrome winch bars, transport chain, chain binders, vinyl sign for oversized/wide load, mesh safety flag, among others.
  • Companies also offer custom-made starter kits that you can freely design.

Flatbed Starter Kits



The benefits of flatbed starter kits to drivers are plenty. It allows the shipment process to be quick and easy. It is also financially efficient. It is the best option for drivers who are on the lookout for a replacement for their old securement equipment. These kits are essential tools you need to begin hauling, whether these are steel lumber or any material that can be placed on a flatbed. To know more contact Toronto Trailers today!

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