How Much Does a 40 Foot Shipping Container Cost?

40 foot shipping container cost

Shipping storage containers are commonly used to transport shipments and cargos via different methods. They can be used to transport cargo via land travel with the help of trucks and trailers. Also, they can be placed on board shipping vessels to transport massive cargos to different countries that will need to travel over different types of bodies of water. Considering that a massive amount of items will need the use of shipping containers, customers may opt to choose from different types and sizes of shipping containers to be able to handle different kinds of products. One of the sizes of shipping containers that businesses would usually use is 40 ft shipping containers. This article will discuss the many uses and types of 40 ft shipping containers. You will also know the average price of these 40 ft shipping containers.

Different Types Of 40 Ft Shipping Containers

Before buying just about any of the 40 ft shipping containers that are currently offered on the market, you should first consider which type of shipping container your products would be compatible with. This is crucial to know to help you avoid losing your cargo to spoilage or damages when it reaches its destination. Always remember that once you fill up a 40 ft container with your cargo, which would mean that you are shipping a massive number of products. Degrading the quality of the items will be the cause for you or your business to incur losses. For more information about the different types of 40 ft shipping containers, you may refer to the details below:

  •       40 ft dry storage shipping container

o   This shipping container can be used to store and transport common types of products that do not have any special temperature requirements. Some of the most common items that can be stored in this container include furniture, retail products, appliances, canned food, and electronic gadgets.

o   This shipping container is fully sealed with a roof, floor, and surrounded by walls. It is usually made of steel.

o   It is completely sealed off and has excellent qualities to prevent water from leaking into the shipping container once it has already been closed. This ensures that the items stored inside do not get exposed to moisture in any weather condition.

  •       40 ft refrigerated shipping container

o   This is one of the shipping containers that have specific uses. Known also as a reefer container, it is meant to store and ship cargo that requires a temperature-controlled environment. The most common items that need this type of shipping container include meat, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables.

o   This is also fully covered with a roof, floor, and walls. The framework of this type of shipping container includes a built-in refrigeration system. The system can be set to maintain temperatures between 23°C and -28°C. The container takes about 2 hours before its desired temperature is attained. Because of this, those who require logistics companies to pick up their perishable cargo from their warehouses need to inform these companies of their required temperatures so that the refrigerated shipping containers will already be pre-set before they arrive at the pick-up points.

o   The refrigeration system of this type of shipping container needs to use an external power supply to turn the system on. When the shipping container is in transit, it is usually partnered with a diesel-powered generator to keep the refrigeration system running before it arrives at its destination.

  •       40 ft open top shipping container

o   The purpose of this shipping container is to transport materials, equipment, machineries, and other products that are considered to be too tall to fit into a shipping container with a roof.

o   Even though the top is built to be open to make it easier to land and unload cargo, it is still possible to cover the cargo with ropes and plastic sheets to protect it from changing weather conditions.

  •       40 ft tank shipping container

o   This type of shipping container is meant to store and transport liquid and gas products. It has a cylindrical shape, which makes it easier to identify among other types of shipping containers. It may sometimes be used to store hazardous and non-hazardous materials. For those hazardous materials, you will usually see warnings printed on the shipping container telling you to maintain a specified distance away from the container.

o   It is made from anti-corrosive material such as stainless steel to ensure that the structure does not degrade with the different types of liquid and gas that may be stored in it.

cost to buy 40 Ft shipping containersCost To Buy 40 Ft Shipping Containers

The market currently provides various options on the different types of 40 ft shipping containers that you can purchase or rent. There are brand new shipping containers being sold by most suppliers. However, there are also used shipping containers that are being sold which are still in their good condition. You just have to completely check the actual shipping containers before you proceed into buying one. Below are the average prices of some of the common types of 40 ft shipping containers in the province of Ontario:

  •       40 ft dry storage shipping container

o   Used: CAD 6,500

o   New: CAD 10,000

  •       40 ft refrigerated shipping container

o   Used: CAD 8,000

o   New: CAD 15,000

  •       40 ft open top shipping container

o   Used: CAD 5,000

o   New: CAD 13,000

  •       40 ft tank shipping container

o   Used: CAD 12,000

o   New: CAD 26,000

Benefits Of Using A 40 Ft Shipping Container

Looking at the current prices of the common types of 40 ft shipping containers, it may not seem worth it to purchase any of them. However, what individuals and businesses have to realize is that there are certain situations where buying 40 ft shipping containers would be more cost-effective than buying smaller containers. Below are some of the benefits that buying 40 ft shipping containers can give you:

  •       Any type of 40 ft shipping container gives you the opportunity to save on storage and shipping costs. If you consider the quantity and sizes of the items that you will need to store and transport to different locations, having significantly bigger space saves you from paying for shipping costs on multiple occasions. It is only normal that customers will be able to save on shipping costs if they store or send out items in bulk. For those who will need to ship cargo overseas, the use of 40 ft shipping containers may be necessary. Since travelling to other countries takes up time, sending as many items as possible should be considered to prevent wasting resources. However, this option may not be cost-effective when there are time constraints and the quantity of items that need to be shipped would not be able to fill at least half the space of the shipping container.
  •       You can store and ship a wider variety of items. There may be times wherein the items that need to be shipped will have different shapes and sizes. With a 40 ft shipping container, you can effectively set up the storage space to be able to accommodate these differences. You can add shelves to help secure smaller and fragile items. You can assign a certain area within the storage container that can be dedicated to store irregularly shaped objects by stacking and positioning them properly. More space means more possibilities with a 40 ft shipping container.
  •       40 ft shipping containers are strong and versatile. With the overall structure that can withstand huge amounts of force and pressure, you have the possibility of using a 40 ft shipping container in different ways. There are those who use their imaginations and use 40 ft dry storage shipping containers as offices for businesses. These containers may be used as classrooms and offices, depending on the needs of the client. Since these are already water-resistant, you are assured that floods and rain will not damage the tools and devices that you may use in your office. By installing electrical and plumbing inside the shipping container, you can make your own home office that would be much cheaper than having to construct a building with wood and cement.
  •       The overall structure of a 40 ft shipping container makes it easy to convert it into a house or living quarters. Companies can use these containers and turn them into living quarters for their employees. Construction companies can install these containers in their job sites so that their laborers and skilled workers will have places to rest and sleep until their projects are finished.

Buy 40 Ft Shipping Containers Only If Necessary

Even if it may sound simple to buy 40 ft shipping containers to answer all your storage and shipping needs, you must still consider if buying one is good for you in the long-term. Having the option to buy brand new shipping containers is usually good for businesses that plan to aggressively expand. However, for those who are unsure with their future plans with their businesses, they can choose to buy a used 40 ft shipping container as long as they thoroughly check and evaluate the container before they continue purchasing one. For those who may need to buy new or used 40 ft shipping containers, it is best that you get in touch with premier providers of storage units. You may contact Toronto Trailers at 416 477 5488. There is a great possibility that our company will have just the container that you are looking for.

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