How Much Does a Moving Blanket Cost?

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Preparation is the key to efficiently and safely moving from one location to another. Before the mover arrives, your items need to be ready. For safety, you should use moving blankets to protect your stuff. Although it costs you money, the price you paid is nothing compared to preventing damage from occurring. How much do moving blankets cost in Ontario? Read on to find out.

What Are Moving Blankets?

Furniture is prone to scratches and other damages when transported. It is why, among all household and office items, you want to use “furniture padding” or moving blankets. These packing items can be polyester or cotton or a combination of both. In recent years, a newer material, burlap moleskin, is also becoming popular.

The construction of moving blankets, as expected, is heavy-duty. They need to be to protect items like appliances and furniture. More than protecting your stuff from scratches, they also act as shock absorbers. During loading and unloading, accidents can occur. Bumps on the road can also cause damage during transit. But moving blankets are not only for large and heavy items. You can also use them to protect fragile objects.

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Determining the Quality of a Moving Blanket

Before you go out and buy moving blankets from random stores, you should first do some research. Buying moving blankets, after all, can be a wise investment. For example, you can reuse them in the future or repurpose them for storage. That is only possible if you purchase high-quality moving blankets.

But how do you know if the moving blanket you plan to purchase is durable? As you will see, it is not that difficult, and you only need to consider three things.

1. Weight

One of the factors that determine the durability of a moving blanket is its weight. Generally, the more materials used, the thicker the walls, and also heavier. Thick moving blankets can offer more cushion protection, among others. The best moving blankets in the market can weigh as much as 8 lbs.

2. Fabric

The type of fabric correlates to the durability of a moving blanket. An inferior material, for example, tears easily. It goes without saying that better fabrics offer better protection and last longer.

Generally, there are two types of fabrics used to make moving blankets:

Densely Woven (Combining Cotton and Polyester)

Weaving enhances the ability of a moving blanket able to resist snags. Also, the crisscross pattern adds to its tear resistance. This type of moving blanket has been the most durable. A poly-cotton blend uses the qualities of both materials, which helps in making it very durable. The choice of this fabric also ensures that it is breathable. The heaviest moving blankets in the market are poly-blend.

Woven Polyester

Compared to poly-cotton blend moving blankets, woven fabric made of polyester is less resistant to abrasion. It also tends to stick to a hard surface. Although it is not comparable to poly-cotton blend moving blankets, woven polyester is still reasonably durable and tear-resistant.

3. Binding

Having a uniform binding makes the moving blanket more durable. The best moving blankets all share one common trait with regards to bindings – tight stitching. It is one factor that helps the fabric resist tearing and ripping.

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The Cost of Moving Blankets in Ontario

After you become familiar with the characteristics of a moving blanket, you can now shop for one. Moving blankets are usually sold in dozens and this is cost-effective for you. For one, it is unlikely you are moving only a few things. You will need several pieces to pack and protect your stuff. However, you must be cautious and do further research before deciding to purchase.

The average pricing of moving blankets in Ontario is as follows:

72” X 80” Poly-cotton Blend

  • 90 lbs./dozen
  • Woven fabric on both sides
  • Zigzag quilted with lock stitching
  • Average price per dozen: CAD 160

72” X 80” Polyester

  • 36 lbs./dozen
  • Woven fabric on both sides
  • Zigzag quilted with double lock stitching
  • Average price per dozen: CAD 140

Other Uses for Moving Blankets

Since you are not transferring all the time, you can use the moving blankets for other purposes. To maximize the usage of moving blankets, you may refer to the following:

Cover Furniture and Other Home or Office Items

If you have to do some work on the ceilings and walls of the rooms of your property, it may be a hassle to move things around. You risk damaging furniture and appliances when you move them alone. To avoid this, you can use moving blankets to cover items that may get affected. By covering them with moving blankets, you do not risk them from getting paint or plaster.

Sound-proof Areas Where Noise Passes Through

Thicker moving blankets can reduce sound. With their heavy-duty materials, you can place them in areas that have openings. Putting them under the door frames of your bedroom can help you sleep easily.

Use as All-purpose Blanket

Moving blankets are perfect when going to picnics. You can set them up almost anywhere due to their excellent durability. Your pets can use them as their beds inside your house. Being scratch-resistant will ensure that your cats and dogs will not be able to destroy them. You can even use these as a blanket over your car seat. Every time you bring your dogs with you, you will not worry about scratches and pesky hair.

Cover Moving Boxes for Transport and Storage

For extra protection, you can cover moving boxes for transport. Now, moving boxes should be made of sturdy materials. After unpacking, if you have extra stuff that you want to keep in storage, you can put them in moving boxes. One downside is that if the boxes are susceptible to insects and moisture. You can prevent such problems by covering them with moving blankets and sealing them with tape.

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Moving Blankets Are Flexible Is a Worthy Investment

Using moving blankets during transfers may be the most common thing, but they are more than that. Though, using them to transfer furniture makes them worth the buy already. Remember to buy moving blankets that are already known for their excellent qualities. If you have a budget, do not buy the thin and cheaper ones. Your aim should be to buy moving blankets that you can reuse. It is not an investment if it is a one-time-use item. That would make it a waste instead.

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