How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Pump Truck?

Pump truck rental is common for concrete contractors that place concrete every day at work. For every contractor, renting a concrete pump truck is more convenient and affordable than purchasing it. If you are a contractor that prefers renting than buying a pump truck, you may find many equipment rental companies in Canada that offer smaller concrete pump rentals. 

Besides, for most contractors and even homeowners who only require frequent use of pump truck, it’s much easier to rent pumping equipment from a business that owns their concrete pump truck with a trained concrete pump operator as well. If you still can’t decide whether to rent or buy a pump truck, read further.

What is a Concrete Pump?

A concrete pump is a machine used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping it. If you are planning to get a pump truck rental, there are two types that you can choose from. The first type is boom concrete. It is usually attached to a truck or semi-trailers. It uses a remote-controlled articulating robotic arm to place concrete in an accurate position. 

These pumps are commonly used on larger construction projects as they can pump at very high volumes. Besides, due to the labour-saving nature of the placing boom, it makes larger projects easier. They are also a good and revolutionary alternative to line-concrete pumps.

The second primary type of concrete pump truck is a line pump or trailer-mounted concrete pump. It can either be placed on a trailer or mounted on a truck. If you manually attach it to your machine’s outlet, you might need a steel or flexible concrete placing hoses. 

Those hoses are usually linked together and lead to wherever the concrete needs to be placed. Typically, the hoses’ length varies from 10’, 12.5’, 25’ to 50’ depending on the hose’s diameter. Unlike boom pumps, line pumps can only pump concrete at lower volumes. 

Besides, you can only use these pump trucks only on smaller volume concrete applications such as sidewalks, swimming pools, and typical family homes with concrete slabs and most ground slabs.

Concrete Pump

How Much Does Pump Truck Rental Cost?

The average cost of renting a concrete pump truck is around $5,000 a day. On the other hand, the average rental cost of a pump truck per hour is usually about 100 dollars an hour and 800 dollars for the first 4 hours.

If you think you can use the pump truck more often than not and spending on the pump truck rental would cost you a lot of money, it would be better to invest and buy your own. There is no magic number for contractors to reach as it varies from company to company.

Pump Truck: Purchase or Rent?

If you are a type of contractor who pumps a lot of concrete every day, the cost to rent a concrete pump will eventually hurt your pocket. If you figured out that your total spending on pump truck rental is enough to purchase a new concrete pump, it is better to invest your money in buying it.

Aside from the cost of renting, you should also consider other factors on whether to buy or rent it. You may also consider the volume of concrete placing projects you do in a year. If you’re doing 200 – 300 projects yearly and need a pump truck for almost days of your projects, it might make sense to buy your concrete pumper.

Moreover, if you usually work with rush projects and have no extra time and labour to wait for someone who rented the pump truck before you, it is another thing to consider. If you’ve been in the concrete business for a long time, you know that delays may happen from time to time. However, waiting with your crew of men for the pump truck rental for several hours can significantly add to your labour expense. 


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Things to Consider Before Buying a Concrete Pump

If you have decided to buy a concrete pump instead of renting one, these things may help you.

  • Consider the cost of pump truck rental first to know if buying a concrete pump truck is worth it.
  • Consider the number of days you need to use a concrete pump for your projects.
  • Know if concrete pumps are available to sell in your area.
  • Think of what type of pump truck you need, is it a line pump or a concrete boom pump?
  • Calculate the cost of maintenance and rebuilding of the concrete pump.
  • Determine the total cost of buying concrete pipes, concrete clamps, concrete hoses, & rubber gaskets.
  • Be familiarized with safety training & troubleshooting pump truck maintenance. 

Concrete Pump

Final Thoughts

When it’s the first time to incorporate pumping into the businesses, most contractors often choose pump truck rental over concrete pump truck purchase. 

Most of the time, renting a concrete pump truck costs less than buying it, especially if you don’t use a pump truck on regular days at work. On the other hand, weighing the costs and savings is crucial for deciding whether to buy or continue renting a pump truck.

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