How Much Does Krown Rust Proofing Cost?

krown rust proofing

People who purchase motor vehicles and heavy equipment invest a lot of resources to get them. It is a considerable investment to acquire any of these to be used for personal and business reasons. One thing owners of any vehicle or equipment must consider is its maintenance. Other than regularly keeping these vehicles and equipment clean, there needs to be a way of protecting them from wear and tear. Most of their components or parts are made of iron and steel.

This means that they will naturally experience rusting on these parts. This may become an issue since rust will make some of the mechanical parts of any vehicle or equipment work inefficiently. Sometimes rust may even prevent the mechanisms from working at all. To avoid this problem, the industry has developed different solutions to rustproof any type of vehicle or equipment still using iron and steel. This article will discuss rustproofing and the cost it may take to use Krown Rust Protection and Lubricant on motor vehicles and various types of equipment.

Important Things to Know About Rustproofing

There are many people that are uninformed about the possibility of their cars rusting over time. They believe that regularly washing their cars will be enough to protect them from grime and dust. What they fail to realize is that rust appears when iron is exposed to moisture. This would ultimately lead to oxidation caused by the atomic reaction happening when iron and water get in contact with each other. Rusting is a problem that can still be managed to help prolong the life of cars. Below are some important things people should know about rustproofing:

  •       Rustproofing products are known to react well with rust. They will slow down the formation of rust and eventually loosen rust. These products will eventually cover metallic areas and dry up, resulting in a film-like coating on the affected areas. The coating will prevent moisture from getting in contact with the metallic parts, which would eventually lead to the prevention of further rusting.
  •       When you see visible rusted areas on your car, this is a sign for you to have it checked for possible rusting on some other parts of the car. This is very important to be done as soon as possible to prevent the rust from causing further damage to the car. Going to a reputable automotive service center is your best course of action. You can opt to have your car undergo a general check-up. If going to a service center is not an option, you may contact an automotive technician to inspect the status of your car. You will need to have your car washed first before it will be inspected so that any signs of rusting can be easily seen without dust, grime, and oil blocking some areas of the car.
  •       In relation to the rust proofing process, the good thing when professionals do it to the car is that they have all the necessary tools and equipment needed to correctly apply any type of rustproofing products. They also know the specific areas that the rustproofing products can be applied to without damaging any other parts of the car. In addition, professionals have their ways on how they can apply the products on the under chassis of cars. Most of the components found underneath a car are made of steel and iron which can be heavily affected by rust.
  •       There are different types of rustproofing products available in the market. Trained technicians know how to properly apply any of these products. If you have tried out rustproofing by yourself, you might wonder why some products are dripless while others take some time to dry up. This is normal for some products since they are made with different components. Below is some information you must know about these types of rust proofing sprays:

o   The oldest type of rustproofing sprays is tar-based. The issue with this type is that once the product hardens, it may be susceptible to getting cracks after some time. Water can go through the cracks and cause rusting to the metallic parts of the car.

o   For a dripless rustproofing spray, it is usually made from mineral oil. It can cover more area compared to tar-based sprays. it is able to produce better results since the protection created will not crack. However, the product may not be able to coat tight seams or small crevices. These will be the entry ways for moisture and may still cause rusting in certain areas.

o   The most flexible among the types of rustproofing sprays is petroleum-based oil sprays. This type also coats the metallic parts of the car. However, it takes time to dry petroleum-based oil sprays. However, the positive thing with this is that it will eventually flow into tighter areas of a car before it dries up. It may take at least 2 days before the product will fully dry up.

rust protection and lubricant

Rustproofing With Krown Rust Protection and Lubricant And Its Cost

One of the best petroleum-based sprays for rust proofing is made here in Canada. Krown is a company that manufactures aerosols and cleaning products that are mainly used for any type of motor vehicles. When it comes to rustproofing, the Krown Rust Protection and Lubricant has excellent characteristics for removing and preventing rust. You must inform the service technician tasked to rustproof your car that you prefer to use this specific product.

Technicians that know the proper process of applying Krown Rust Protection and Lubricant are trained in specific ways on how and where the product will be applied. They also know how much will be used to avoid wasting resources. You must also know that technicians will drill holes on some parts of the car so that the product can be applied into hard-to-reach areas inside the car where there are multiple components that are made of steel and iron.

There is no need to worry as these holes will be covered with hard plastic grommets. Rustproofing costs with the use of Krown products will depend on the size of the motor vehicle. For the pricing on rustproofing services on some of the common types of motor vehicles, you may refer to the following list:

  •       Regular-sized car: CAD 130
  •       Minivan: CAD 140
  •       Small/medium SUV: CAD 140
  •       Large SUV: CAD: CAD 140
  •       Extra large SUV: CAD150
  •       2-door pick up: CAD 140
  •       3-door/4-door pick up: CAD 150
  •       Heavy duty pick up: CAD 150
  •       Full size van: CAD 150

Advantages Of Using Krown Rust Protection And Lubricant

As one of the widely used rustproofing products in the market, the Krown Rust Protection and Lubricant is known to be a cost-efficient way to protect any type of motor vehicles. The following list shows the advantages if you opt to use Krown Rust Protection and Lubricant for your rustproofing needs:

  •       The protective coating created by the product on the metal parts cannot be easily cracked, chipped, or broken. This is a testament to the product’s high-quality material.
  •       The materials used to develop the rust proofing product are environment friendly. There are no toxic materials added to the product. It is void from any kerosene, solvents, paraffin, lanolin, or any solvents that may have cancerous effects.
  •       It can be applied for old and new vehicles. Since the product is fortified heavily by rust inhibitors, it is able to stop corrosion on the metallic parts of the car with rust spots on older vehicles. For new cars, it is highly recommended that rustproofing be applied to prevent rust and corrosion from forming after some time.
  •       Since the product is known to drip for some period of time, the company has made sure that the product will not damage concrete and asphalt. However, for parking areas made out of bricks, it is best to avoid parking in them until the product stops dripping. The porous nature of bricks tends to absorb any form of liquid.
  •       The product does not have a preference of temperature in which it may be applied. It can be applied anytime the user wishes. Since one needs to remove and avoid rust at the soonest possible time, it is best to have the vehicle undergo rustproofing as soon as you have purchased it.
  •       The product is known to actively protect the metallic parts of a car for more than 12 months. However, it is still recommended that the Krown Rust Protection and Lubricant be reapplied as you are approaching your 12th month. This will ensure optimal protection of the vehicle from corrosion and rusting.

Using Krown Products for Rust Proofing Is The Best Choice

Even though other products in the market are being promoted as also having excellent characteristics that work in removing and protecting against rust, Krown products have been used in the automotive industry for many years now. This just proves how effective the products are. This is why even reputable shipping companies are known to use Krown products to protect their fleet of trucks, trailers, and containers. This helps these companies ensure that their vehicles will be able to transport any freight without worrying that their equipment will break down due to rust and corrosion. If you are currently finding a way to purchase Krown products, you may contact Toronto Trailers at 416 477 5488.

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