How Much is a Storage Container?

storage container

Purchasing your own shipping storage container can be cost-effective depending on how you plan to use it. Storage containers can be used by individuals to move different types of cargo, which may include furniture, appliances, or any type of item that needs to be transferred to a new location. This makes it useful especially during times when a family opts to transfer to a new house. Even businesses can use storage containers to ship their products to their customers. Storage containers can actually be bought or rented. With these multiple applications, it is interesting to find out how much it cost to purchase a storage container these days.

What are Storage Containers?

When it comes to the logistics or shipping industry, a storage container is known to be a sealed metal box that can be used to hold cargo with large sizes or a large quantity of goods. This metal box is known for its heavy-duty structure and can be reused multiple times until it reaches the point where it cannot effectively protect the cargo inside from different external forces. To move a storage container to another location, it needs to be placed on a large platform. It is usually placed on flatbed trailers when being transferred by means of land travel. A storage container is known for its durability wherein its lifespan can last for more than 8 years.

Common Types of Storage Containers

Not familiar to everybody, storage containers come in different types. Each type has its own specific use. This is due to the fact that some goods need to be handled in certain ways. For more information about these common types of storage containers, you can refer to the list below:

Dry storage container

This is the most common storage container which you can see almost on a daily basis being carried around by semi trucks. This type of container is fully sealed. This means that water cannot enter the container once it is closed. Compared to some other types of storage containers, this type features walls, a roof, and a floor. It is meant to carry normal types of cargo that will not need any heat or cold air to retain their quality.

Reefer container

This type of storage container is unique since it has a built-in refrigeration system. Also known as a refrigerated container, it relies on an external source of power to turn the system on. It is capable of storing perishable goods that need to maintain a certain low temperature to avoid spoilage. It usually has a temperature range between -28°C to 23°C. It can also be used to act as storage for products that need to be transported. A diesel-powered generator is usually used to power its refrigeration system during transit.

reefer container

Insulated container

This is the resulting type of storage container when the refrigeration system of the reefer container is already non-operational. With a built-in insulation setup, it is able to prevent air from flowing in or out of the container. This type of storage container can be used to store or ship products that need to be kept at a certain temperature.

Tank container

This storage container is also called a tanker. It is used to store liquid products. It is made out of anti-corrosive material to protect the quality of the liquid inside the tanker. If the tanker is used to ship some liquid material, it is important to remember that the container should not be less than 80% full and not more than 95% full to avoid surging of liquids during transit while leaving enough space for thermal expansion.

Things to Remember About Storage Containers

Within the province of Ontario, one needs to consider the laws about placing a storage container within your property. The government treats storage containers the same way it treats buildings. You must acquire a building permit to be able to have your own storage container dropped off at your house. Once you have finally decided to purchase a storage container, you can refer to the following list for some more important things that you should consider whenever you buy one:

  • You should first decide which type of storage container you plan to buy. It should be able to meet your personal or business needs. Your chosen type should coincide with the items you plan to put into the container. If you are in the business of food manufacturing, your best option would be to purchase a reefer container if the products you are selling need to be stored at a constant low temperature.
  • Determine the total volume and quantity of the items that you plan to store into the storage container. You have to make sure that you buy a storage container that will not be too small for your needs. You can buy a storage container that is bigger than what is required so that you can still add items into the container in the future.’
  • If you plan to purchase more than one storage container, you have to consider the area that would be available to store them. Storage containers are known for their durability, which makes it possible for you to stack them. However, as an extra precaution, do not exceed a stack of six storage containers because you will still have to factor in the height and items that you will be placing inside them. If possible, you can add steel guardrails to add support and stability to the storage containers.
  • Do further research to compare new and used storage containers before buying one. You can ask help from experts to check the containers if they are in good condition. Especially with used containers since there might be problems that a regular person will not be able to identify. If you have to go alone, you should first look out for any spots with signs of corrosion or structural blemishes on the exterior of the storage container. To check for holes, go inside the container when the sun is shining brightly and then close the door. It should be pitch black inside. If there are any points that light is able to penetrate, then that is a sign that there are holes and might cause water to leak into the container.
  • If you plan to have modifications done to the storage container, you should inform the seller to check if your required changes will be doable. Expect to pay extra for the modifications to be done before the storage container will be released to you. Double check if there are no hidden damages so that you will not get problems after you have already finished your transaction with the supplier.
  • Lastly, make sure that the supplier will be able to reveal all the charges that you will be paying for. This is one way to check if they are overcharging you with the delivery fee. Furthermore, you should also inquire about guarantees since there could be a slight chance that the storage container they deliver to your location is not the one you inspected.

tank container

Storage Container Pricing

Determining the actual pricing of storage containers should be done by contacting a reputable supplier. You may need to discuss your requirements with them to check if what you need will fit the type of storage container that they are currently selling. To give you an idea of the average prices of storage containers within the province of Ontario, you may refer to the details below:

10’ Dry Storage Container

o   Used: CAD 3,000

o   New: CAD 4,000

20’ Dry Storage Container

o   Used: CAD 3,000

o   New: CAD 6,000

40’ Dry Storage Container

o   Used: CAD 6,500

o   New: CAD 10,000

20’ Reefer Container

o   Used: CAD 6,000

o   New: CAD 9,000

40’ Reefer Container

o   Used: CAD 8,000

o   New: CAD 15,000

Only Purchase a Storage Container from a Reputable Supplier

Buying a storage container is a considerable investment, especially if you plan to buy a new one. Be very cautious when you start searching for a storage container. There are some suppliers who try to hide damages that would become a nuisance for you later on. Also, consider the location where the storage container will be coming from. The available storage containers may be priced lower as compared to the local suppliers near you, but you might get surprised if the total price including the delivery fee comes out being more expensive. If you own a business and you wish to handle all the deliveries by yourself, then it is highly advised that you purchase a brand new storage container. Avoid going for the used ones as they might fail you during transit.

If you are in the process of finding a supplier within Ontario, you can contact Toronto Trailers at 416 477 5488. Regarded as one of Ontario’s trusted shipping companies, we ensure to give fair pricing to our customers. For any other shipping or logistics-related concerns, our team of experts will be ready to answer them.

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