How To Safely Use Chain Binders To Securely Tie Down Heavy Cargo

Chain Binders

Hauling cargo, such as heavy machinery or vehicles, requires heavy-duty equipment. Chain binders serve as a practical tool for those who need to feel secure and worry-free when transporting large and weighty shipments.

When should you use chain binders?

Chain binders are used anytime the load’s weight increases. The working load limits of the tie-downs add a minimum of 50% to the cargo’s weight. The quantity of tie-downs required to keep the cargo secure would depend on the length of the cargo, weight, and type.

Why should you use chain binders?Chain Binders

Compared to tie-down straps made of nylon, Toronto Trailers chain binders provide longer-lasting securement. Whether these are used to tie down a Bobcat bucket or any machinery, chain binders are less susceptible to tears and cuts. They are also best used when tying down sharp objects.

What are chain binders made of?

Also known as load binders, chain binders are devices used to secure cargo loads by anchoring them down during transport. Usually made from forged steel, they possess grab hooks and other types of fittings on its ends. These come in various sizes, styles and working load limits in order to suit your specific needs,

What is the weight of chain binders?

Chain binders vary in style, brand, and weight. But their usual standard weight ranges from 3.5 pounds to 20 pounds, or more. When you use a large-sized chain, the resulting consequence is a binder that weighs heavier.

Chain Binders

What are the different kinds of chain binders?

Level binders and ratchet binders are the two common kinds of binders. Their difference lies in how tight the binder is. However, both offer unique benefits and disadvantages.

  • Though less safe, level binders are known to be convenient to use. Also referred to as snap binders, these possess less moving parts thus they require less maintenance relative to ratchet binders. They also possess a 25:1 mechanical advantage. 
  • Ratchet binders consist of the handle, gear, end fittings, and pawl. This help takes the strain from the operator. However, the process of untightening and tightening takes more time, specifically the unloading and loading process. Its mechanical advantage is 50:1. They are also safer to use relative to level binders due to the handle’s inability to store energy.


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How do level binders work?

Level binders utilize leverage to lock themselves and tighten the chain after the lever turns 180-degree around the hinge. The lever is able to store energy thus caution is necessary to avoid the handle from recoiling back.

Specific rules to consider prior to purchasing chain binders

The FMCSA or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires wheeled vehicles or tracks which weigh 10,000 pounds or more to be securely tied down on each of its four corners. Such weighty vehicles must also have connections between your trailer and load or four-anchor tie-downs. Four binders or tightening devices are also a must.

How to know the number of tie-downs needed

Length, as well as weight, play significant roles in the number of tie-downs required.

Length dictates the number of chain binders needed for a specific load. 5’ loads would need a single tie-down. But a load that weighs more than 1,100 pounds, with a length of up to 10’, would need two tie-downs. 


How to lengthen a level binder’s life

The life of a level binder can be prolonged by decreasing the friction it experiences. This can be done by lubricating its swivel and pivot points. In order to prolong the life of ratchet binders, the screw threads and pawl parts also need to be lubricated.

Storing them properly is also necessary. Toolboxes or chain carriers are ideal containers. They should be kept dry and far from dangerous chemicals.


When should a transport chain be replaced?

When you see signs of wear and tear on binders, it is a sign that they need to be replaced. Binders should be checked regularly. Notice if there is any bending, gouges, nicks or cracks. Check to the individual links to see if there are any twisting, stretching, elongation, or bending. Any attachments or hooks must be similarly checked.

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Where can you get good chain binders?

Toronto Trailers provides chain binders that allow you to secure your cargo or storage trailer. Choose from a slew of various chain binders, chain grades, as well as chain hooks. The options are limitless. Toronto Trailers provides ready solutions to secure and transport your heavy cargo safely. To know more contact Toronto Trailers today!

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