How To Secure Your Cargo Using an E-track System

E-track System

One of the useful cargo equipment for securing cargo is the E-track system. If you’re new to this, you must know how to secure your cargo with an E-track system properly. Although cargo securement is mostly for flatbed trailers, it’s also important for moving trucks. 

An E-track system can save time and money. In addition, it can also save space. As a trucker, staying organized with the help of an E-track system should be one of your goals. When you save space, you can ship more products at once. In a way, we can say that securing your cargo with an e-track can make you more productive.

E-track System

What is an E-track?

Generally, an E-track consists of long rails of high-strength 12-gauge steel with various anchor points that support different tie-down equipment. Most commonly, people ask if E-track installation is useful for enclosed trailers, vans, or dry van semi-trailers. 

The best part about this type of cargo equipment is you can customize it. It is incredibly versatile because you can screw it to the floors and interior walls of vans and trailers. You only need special screws to install it.

If you offer diverse hauling, it’s better to get specialized E-track fittings. It allows you to quickly snap cargo control equipment in place to align with your hauling and shipments. 

Even if you go with specialized E-tracks, it is still essential to understand how to secure your cargo with an E-track system. We will provide all the details you need in the next section.

Best Way to Secure Cargo With the E-track System

When it comes to securing your cargo with E-tack systems, the most crucial part of it is starting with good quality E-track rails. We recommend buying 8-foot-sections E-track rails. 

With this kind of E-track length, you can easily customize and align it to the length of your enclosed trailer. You can buy an E-track in Canada via an online store.

You can install E-track rails along with the flooring or walls of trailers on moving trucks, vans, semi-trailers or pick up trailers. An E-track rail system has two main types, the Vertical E-track and Horizontal E-track rails.

If you don’t know how to choose the best type of E-track for your cargo, here’s a guide. If you need to secure cargo from the floor, it is best to go with a vertical E-track. 

However, if you intend to secure cargo horizontally on the walls mostly, a horizontal E-track is the best. The E-track rails that will work best for you depend on your specific cargo securement needs.

E-track System


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Considerations to Secure Your Cargo With an E-track System

Before getting to know how to secure your cargo with an E-track system, you must know what works best. 

Determine the Trailer Size

Knowing the size of your trailer is the first step. This way, you can easily gauge the measurements you need for your E-track system.

Consider Trailer Space

You must also consider your cargo’s needs, particularly the safe space at the back of your trailer. Securing the area will prevent your load from falling out when you open the rear of the trailer. You should use at least 1 to 2 feet of E-track rails before the end of the trailer. 

Identify the Right E-track Rail Suited to Your Trailer

You must know if your load will work best with Vertical or Horizontal E-track rails. You can determine what type of e-track rail is ideal for you, depending on your shipping needs. Additionally, you will need to measure the height and the length of your trailer.

Look for the Appropriate Hardware

The next crucial step to follow is finding the right and appropriate hardware for your cargo control. It will be best if you used cargo control equipment that fits your trailer’s flooring and walls. 

However, since every trailer’s design varies, you will most likely need to undergo trial and error in finding the best trailer hardware for your application. Not unless you can find a guide for your exact trailer specs and features. Typically, most trailers use hardware options like wood screws. A successful E-track installation involves a lot of preparation for work.

Appropriate Hardware

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a professional truck driver or a person who hauls a lot of cargo, the focus is always on preventing damage during transit. Securing cargo does not only ensure customer satisfaction, but it also saves your time and money. However, to make your transport successful, you must understand how to secure your cargo with an E-track system. 

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