Importance of Cargo Securing and Packing

Cargo Securing and Packing

Freight transportation and shipping of goods are major sources of commerce in modern times. With the constant movement of freight from place to place, there’s a need to understand the importance of cargo securing and packing. 

One of the major causes of damage to goods during transport is a lack of proper storage facilities onboard the vessel. In fact, this very factor can lead to losses running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of cargo securing and packing. Why do you need to spend thousands of dollars to pack your cargo? 

We will also touch on how to pack cargo and ways to secure your cargo. Finally, we will cover all the major plot points for ensuring the smooth transportation of cargo.

Reasons to Secure and Pack Cargo

It may come to you as a surprise, but the basic requirements on how to park cargo are quite simple. Whether you are moving your goods by land, sea or rail, your goods need to be firmly secure. This is to brace for whatever unforeseen circumstance may occur during transportation.

There are a lot of horror stories that come from poor securing and oversight. Hence, there is a need to check all the boxes when transporting your goods.

Cargo Securing and Packing

How to Ensure Proper Cargo Securing and Packing 

There is a vast difference between volume and weight. These two distinctions are paramount in determining the way you store and move your goods.

As much as possible, store heavy-duty items in smaller and more compact containers. Ideally, these containers can easily house their weight and centralize their tonnage. Examples of such heavy-duty items are granite, machinery, steel, cement, etc.

You can store lighter and more voluminous items in longer and more spacious containers. Examples of lightweight items are furniture, tobacco, cotton, etc. 

Types of Cargo Securing and Packing

There are various ways of ensuring that your goods move from point A to point B with ease. In a way, the variety of options is a credit to the importance of cargo securing and packing.

Each method depends on the mode of transportation being used to convey the items. Eventually, this is integral in determining the best types of cargo securing tools to use.

If you are transporting by sea, here are a few important items to guarantee smooth cargo transport.

  • Wooden container floors for the elevation of items and wedging of goods
  • Bull rings to provide fastening points for ropes, chains, and wires
  • Nets for securing fragile items from constant vibrations from the sea.
  • Dunnage bags for absorbing sudden shock during transportation.

Here are some equally vital cargo securing tips to consider when transporting by rail or road.

  • Tie-downs for securing exposed items on flatbed trucks without sides.
  • Tarps for coverage of items to prevent goods from falling off during transit.
  • Bracing of goods to prevent sliding of the materials within the container.

Cargo Securing and Packing

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Benefits of Cargo Securing and Packing

Everybody wants smooth and stress-free delivery of their items. Also, they want assurances of full accountability of their items. These benefits showcase the importance of cargo securing and packing.

Here are some of the benefits of adhering to these measures when moving cargo.

  • Full accountability of goods to the last item.
  • Prevention of breakages and severe damages to cargo.
  • Organization of goods in order of importance and fragility.
  • Ease of taking inventory when offloading at the destination.
  • Even the distribution of weights of items within storage containers.

Proper care and attention are important to ensure that your goods get to their destination unscathed. This is achievable through the use of proper cargo securing tools.

Below are the repercussions of not following the best ways to secure your cargo.

  • Severe damage to items and container walls
  • Loss of goods to the sea or spillage to the road 
  • Overloading can slow the means of transport and deform fragile items.
  • Spillage of toxic materials from hazardous items

Cargo Securing and Packing


From the above text, it’s possible to tie the importance of packing and securing cargo to successful cargo delivery. Hence, you should take every step necessary to pack your cargo securely.

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