Krown Penetrant


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Krown’s revolutionary fast-acting hydro carbon formula allows this oil-based product to penetrate and release any seized, rusted or frozen part. Because there is no evaporation, the Krown penetrant will also leave behind a protective coating making it very useful in any application.


•  Locks and key cylinders •  Hinges (doors / trunks) •  Battery terminals / plug-ins
•  Any seized parts (nuts / bolts / etc.)  •  Chains, brake cables, power antennas •  Window winders, latches, springs


Home Uses
•  Sliding doors and windows •  Tracks on garage doors •  Pins, cables, chains •  Wheels, hinges, bearings •  Virtually anything squeaky •  Anything seized •  Rototillers and snow blowers •  Cables

Product Code: Krown-Penetrant