Premium Microfiber Moving Blankets (Dozen)


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Packaged in a bundled bale with 12 (1 dozen) Moving Blankets

Our Premium Microfiber Moving Blankets are made of a soft, durable microfiber fabrics which provides maximum protection for fine finishes.  These blankets have a durable microfiber fabric on both sides and are zig-zag quilted with lock stitching.

These 72″ x 80″ blankets are dark blue on one side and light blue on the other.  They can be purchased individually for $20 or in packages of 12 for $160.

Premium Microfiber Blankets have a soft thick filler and a shipping weight of approximately 85 lbs.

Cargo can easily be damaged or dented while in transit in the back of a moving truck.  Our moving blankets provide a thick protective covering for your valuables.  Protect your cargo and other fragile goods from damages and scratches with our top grade moving blankets!