Safety Benefits of Lever Binders and Ratchet Binders

Chain Binder

Binders are tools used to tighten chains to secure your cargo for transport. Despite the injury risks that it may bring to every cargo dealer, binders also have safety benefits to take note of. It may be scary to operate all types of blinders, but knowing the proper way of using them will prevent you from committing mistakes that can cause accidents.

What are The Common Types of Binders?

One of the safety benefits of binders is it can use to tighten chains that secure your cargo during transport. The two most common kinds of chain binders are ratchet and lever.

Ratchet Chain Binder

Ratchet Chain Binder

On the other hand, ratchet binders include a ratcheting mechanism in creating tension in the chain to secure the load safely. It has two tension hooks, a handle, and a cam. It also has a prawl mechanism that creates a smooth, ratcheting move.

When you are using a ratchet binder, its lever and screw work together to increase the force applied when assembling a tie-down. Thus, providing the least amount of work to bind the chain tightly when securing a load. Also, its handle takes much less pulling force than a lever binder.

Lever Chain Binder

A lever chain binder is the easiest tool to use in unbinding to unload your cargo. However, from all the safety benefits of binders, a lever is considered the least safe option. It is due to its built-up tension when being released. Usually, a lever chain binder has a lever and tension hook on each end. Its lever can increase the force when being applied to a tie-down.

Since the lever binders store energy in their handle, it will require more pulling force. Also, with added tension, it will be harder to tighten due to its strength requirements. 


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What are The Safety Benefits of Binders?

When you’re researching the safety benefits of binders to keep your cargo secure, it’s crucial to go over its different types as they have their unique advantages and drawbacks. Improper use of either lever or ratchet can lead to accidents and potential injury. Therefore, you should consider these safety measures.

Overall, every chain binder has a similar purpose of tightening the chains that secure your cargo during transport. With the help of binders, your load will not move around or fall off your trailer. 

Lever Load Binders

Lever Load Binders

One of the main advantages of lever binder is its easy and quick unbinding function. So, if you require a quick and easy unbinding from your load binders and chains, you might consider this binder. It maintains energy in the lever handle, found on each chain end, along with a tension hook. When tension is applied to your tie-down, tightening the lever will become slightly difficult and require more strength for every pull.

Between the safety benefits of these two binders, the lever load binder is seen as less safe because of its built-up tension and the energy it releases. For this reason, you should always consider the direction of the kick-back when you lose your grip. You may also use a cheater bar to assist the tightening of chains with a lever. However, it can introduce an added risk element. If that’s the case, cheater bars are not recommended.

Ratchet Load Binders

Ratchet Load Binders

Since ratchet binders have a ratcheting handle and two tension hooks working in tandem, these kinds of binders provide safety benefits in securing your load. Besides, it has lesser produced energy in the handle, making it safer to use. The action in the ratchet binder is also smooth and even. Thus, it requires less effort to operate in tightening your chains. However, ratchet chain binders are not easy to install, unlike lever binders. Besides, it does not release as quickly as a lever.

Whether you choose lever binders due to its quick and easy use advantages, or ratchet binders for its safety benefits, you should still thoroughly inspect the two binders. Any overtightening during repeated use of these binders could warp or crack the chains. If any defects are found in the chains, refrain from using them as they are unsafe for securing your cargo.

Key Takeaway

It is always crucial to note the safety benefits of binders when it comes to securing your cargo. Although the lever binder can unbind quickly when unloading your cargo, the ratchet binders are still considered the safest option.

Overall, the chain binders are only safe if you know how to use them properly. Thus, before you plan to operate any of these binder types, make sure that you know how to use them properly. Improper use of these binders will cause a danger to you. If you wish to learn more about chain binders, you may contact Toronto Trailers. You may give us a call at 416 477 5488 so we can provide you with the information you are searching for.

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