Top 10 Cargo Control Products to be thankful for

Cargo Control Products

Top 10 Useful Cargo Control Products

Toronto Trailers has been offering specialized transportation and trucking products since the late 1990’s. Its expert knowledge of professional moving supplies, lifting and rigging equipment, allowed it to list the top ten transportation products that are highly beneficial for the long-haul. Thank the stars for these  handy products that are extremely useful any time and day of the year.

  1. Tarpaulin is in

Tarps or tarpaulins are made of canvas and are used to cover large-sized items or vehicles such as motorcycle, boat, or firewood. Canvas tarps are solidly built materials from cotton strands. They last longer compared to other alternatives, and come in varied colors, sizes, and thickness. Treated canvases become water proof and are less prone to decay and mold. When they are treated with fire resistant chemicals, they further become fire-resistant.

Tarps or tarpaulins

Tarps are useful not only to professional truck drivers. They can be brought during hunting trips and   can be used to wrap and drag game easily. Tarps come in either a 10-ounce texture gage or up to 17-ounce or more. The higher the gage, the stronger and heavier the tarp’s texture is. Cost-wise, an untreated canvas tarp is priced at $10, while waterproof and fire-resistant types are priced at a few dollars more.

Canvas tarps are available in limitless sizes. These need not be exclusively used for hauling as they can also be utilized for varied purposes such as painting or outdoor activities. A few if its function is to secure furniture or serve as floor covering while a room or space is being painted on. Compared to plastic tarps, those made from canvas are more expensive. However, the latter can easily be used repeatedly. They are also more convenient to set up as it does not require securing and muddled taping. It is also suited in bended surfaces.

Waterproof tarps are usually lightweight and used to secure plants or grass during snowstorms. Wide tarps can also cover baseball and football fields during heavy rain and easily removed once the rain has stopped. Resourceful campers can also use canvas tarps as a form of outdoor lodging due to the tarp being wind and water-safe. Tarps also costs a fraction compared to an average tent.

Besides offering protection from the natural elements, tarps are specifically used to shield a space from eavesdroppers. Other situations where tarps are used include the following: construction projects, and covering hardware/heavy apparatus/plastic toys in the yard/patio furniture.

  1. Motorcycle Tie Down Straps has your back

Motorcycle tie down straps allow the easy, safe, and scratch-free transport of motorcycles and dirt-bikes.

Ratchet straps are ideal as tie-downs due to their soft loops. Soft loops functions as a wrap which straps around a tie-down with the aim to halt a ratchet straps’ hooked ends to inflict damage. Metal and paint  become free from scratches. Additional protection is provided by a plush protective tie down.

Tie Down Straps

A popular tie-down product that offers versatility for numerous applications is Strapright. It has been dubbed as ideal for transporting motorcycles due to its double-thick webbing. Such a feature has allowed it to give added security when it is wrapped around your vehicle’s tie-down points.

Besides conveniently transporting and protecting motorcycles, its soft loops offer the following benefits:

  • Suits all tie-down points

Since soft loops possess the ability to wrap itself on any tie-down point, it allows an s-hook to be attached to the soft loop. Not all s-hooks could fit on the tiedown points of motorcycles thus the use of soft loops which allows it to easily secure a vehicle. Plus, it is a convenient option due to its ability to wrap itself on all tie-down points.

  • Ratchet straps are stabilized

Soft loops remove any possibility of a vehicle sliding or slipping. Since the loops are wrapped tightly around the handlebars of a motorcycle, it stabilizes tie-down points for the hooked ends of a ratchet strap. It is advisable to purchase ratchet straps that already have built-in soft loops.

  • Sturdiness is guaranteed

Ratchet straps with soft loops offer sturdy and resistant support. They would not break easily specially when transporting motorcycles or when used during heavy operations.

  • The Strapright product’s heavy-duty s-hook possess a locking latch mechanism that allows soft loops to stay in place better than a combination of a ratchet strap and soft loop. Double stitching on its seams have been further reinforced for added strength specially if you plan to strap heavy-duty motorcycles.
  • Extra force and durability

Strapright’s ratcheting mechanism provides its users with an advantage when mechanically pulling the straps. The motorcycle can be tightened onto your transport vehicle. It will also not break or stretch because of its heavy-weight polyester webbing. It is also UV treated and will not easily degrade when exposed to the sun.

  • Easy traction and gripping

The hooks and handles of the ratcheting mechanism is rubberized allowing them to be used minus the soft loops. The metal and paint are also free from scratches. Plus, the handle and release sections allow anyone to work with it easily.

  • 3,000-pound strength

Strapright boasts of a breaking strength of 3,000 pounds allowing the straps to be used not just to move motorcycle but handle other heavy equipemnts or loads.

  1. Easy-to-use Tire Chains

Tire chains are ideal to be used during harsh winter weather. While some prefer to avoid driving due to the presence of snow and ice, tire chains allow anyone to navigate the roads safely despite wintry weather. Different laws apply for each province though specifically in terms of tire chain use. Make sure you know the regulations in the province you plan to ride through.

For your added information, No specific regulations disallow tire chains in Alberta, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as in Manitoba. Meanwhile, British Columbia allows its use when necessary. Nova Scotia allow studs on tires as long as it does not protrude from the tire surface for more than an eighth of an inch.

Tire Chains

Nunavut’s Motor Vehicle Equipment Regulations of the Motor Vehicle Act allow vehicles equipped with “other protrusions” on roads built on ice. Ontario allows studded tires only from September 1 to May 31. Prince Edward Island permit studded tires only from October 1 to May 31. Quebec allows chains to be used by emergency vehicles, farm tractors, or road vehicles that are exclusively for snow removal from October 15 to May 1. Saskatchewan and Yukon both permit studded tires and chains.

Consider too if your vehicle is suited for chains. Ensure there is proper clearance to allow the chains to fit with no damage to the brakes, body or undercarriage.  Prepare to install the chains too as you might need to take it on and off during your trip. Installing it when the weather is fine is a smart move. Freezing weather might cause your fingers to go cold. Remember, tire chains are only used when there is heavy snow or ice on the road. Tire chains on no-snow pavement can produce damage to both the tires as well as the road.

Tire chains on a vehicle means that it should not be driven more than 30 miles per hour. Curbs must also be considered when parking. Four-wheel drives must have chains present in all tires. For two-wheel drives, chains need to be attached to the drive axle wheels.

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Tire Chains Tire Chains

The following are the benefits of using tire chains.

  • Provides traction

Tire chains are specifically designed to be used during heavy snow conditions. Light amounts of snow may not be feasible for these items. Ideally, snow combined with ice provides tire chains the traction it needs to function at its optimal.

  • Ice breaks down easily

Tire chains are powerful enough to break ice on the ground. Their strength is complemented by the vehicle’s weight. Once tire chains pass through icy and snowy ground, the ice is easier to navigate through and becomes less slippery.

  • Makes turning easy

Driving through heavy snow can be difficult. Straight-line driving is effortless for most, but making a turn can be very challenging. Traction is necessary when getting in and coming out of a turn. Tire chains allow your vehicle to get the safe grip you need.

  • Reduced driving time

Tire chains allow a vehicle to drive faster on harsh snowy grounds due to the traction it provides. Therefore, driving time decreases as you are able to reach your destination at a quicker speed. However, tire chains need not be used during light snow fall. It best functions in very drastic weather specially in areas constantly buried in deep snow.

Winter creates hazardous conditions for drivers. Tire chains add not just traction to vehicles but also safety. It also allows you to travel where you need to despite difficult weather conditions.

  1. The value of Recovery Straps

Recovery straps are essential tools during the months of winter when you are driving in your truck.  A heavy duty tow strap posseses the ability to save someone’s life by dragging them out from a ditch. Also known as off-road recovery gears, these straps are safe as long as they are not being misused. The strap is naturally elastic and thus stretches easily. It is used when a recovery vehicle is being steadily applied a towing load through the strap of an immobile vehicle. The energy in the strap assists in snatching stalled vehicles out of a mire. However, this same stored energy can be dangerous for bystanders.

Recovery Straps

To ensure safety, straps need to be marked with a warning statement and consumer information that includes the following:

  • Brand name
  • Supplier or maker identification
  • Serial number or batch code
  • Instructions for its proper use
  • Breaking strength
  • Warning statement highlighting the danger of utilizing vehicle attachment points not specifically designed for vehicle recovery

Recovery straps must also be suited to the lighter vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Mass. The minimum breaking strength must also be between two and three times the Gross Vehicle Mass of the lighter vehicle. Remember, when the strap is too light, it could break. If the strap is too heavy, it might not stretch.


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The following are safety measures that must be observed when using recovery straps:

  • Instructions that accompany the equipment must always be followed
  • Use only equipments that are in good condition and rated correctly for the loads and vehicle mass
  • Straps that are damaged or chaffed must not be used
  • Maintain the straps’ good condition by washing any mud, dirt or sand on it with water. Dry the straps and store them inside a canvas bag.
  • Never use the straps as slings or for traditional towing duty.
  • Do not write on the straps with marker pens
  • When doing recovery efforts, assess the direction that would make vehicle recovery possible, with probable hazards considered.
  • Sand or mud needs to be removed from the wheels and underbody of the immobile or stranded vehicle. Always note the direction of the pull.
  • The stranded car must be positioned in line with the tow vehicle. The distance between both of them must be two metres less than the strap’s unstretched length.
  • Remove any kinks and twists the strap has as you lay it out between the cars.
  • For recovery loads, never use towballs/towbars, tiedown eyes, suspension components, shackles or metal objects as lethal injuries or vehicle damage could result from fails.
  • Bystanders must be located to the side at a distance that is 1.5 times the length of the strap. They should not be located in between, the front, or behind any of the vehicles.
  1. Never underestimate Safety Triangles

Safety triangles function as a warning signal to others on the road if in case your vehicle is trapped in a ditch or if you have been pulled over to the roadside. These fluorescent orange warning triangles helps keep you visible and allows you to remain safe. Considered as a traffic safety product, these triangles warn other motorists of potential dangers such as an auto accident. It serves as a signal for motorists to drive slow.

Safety Triangles

Measuring equilaterally at 600mm, safety triangles utilize a reflective material that is orange and red in color. The hues make visibility possible whether it is day or night. Ideally, drivers would benefit from having these triangles stored in their vehicles. It is specially handy during emergencies. If you need to use the triangles, one should be placed three metres from your vehicle’s front side, and against the direction of the traffic. Another triangle must also be placed three metres from the rear if you are within the same direction.

Another triangle should also be positioned thirty metres from the rear of the vehicle, while the last triangle must be thirty metres ahead within the lane where your vehicle stopped. Different and more rigid rules apply if a vehicle weighs more than 12 tonnes.

  1. The strength of Blackline Ratchet Straps

Blackline Ratchet Straps have break strengths that are purported to be the strongest in the industry. Measuring four inches and manufactured with durability and quality in mind, these heavy-duty straps come in a slew of colors and various sizes. The straps are similary equipped with flat hooks, wire hooks, and chain anchor extensions. For heavy loads, you need a four-inch ratchet strap.

All four-inch straps carry polyester 20k webbing, and has the ability to resist abrasions, shrinkage, water absorption, and UV ray-sun degradation. The webbing has been made secure by a sturdy ratchet mechanism. Thus, such straps are better used for securing heavy loads than tarp straps or ropes. Blackline’s ratchet straps’ break strengths and work load are appropriately labelled.

  1. Easy to use Good-N-Tight Ratchet Strap Handle

The process of making ratchet straps tight has been made easy with the Good-N-Tight Ratchet Strap Handle. It provides you with the needed leverage without you having to hurt yourself. It has been touted as the solution for easy, safe, and secure  loading. A load that is secure has been equated to highway safety – a feature that is critical for freight companies and truckers doing business in various industries.

Loads are secure while in transit thereby decreasing stress and injuries. The Ratchet Handle weighs a mere 1.55 pounds and is made from High Strength Polycarbonate. It is lightweight yet durable and strong. It liberates the user from any strain. The material is corrosion-free and provides maximum visibility due to its bright green hue.

  1. Corner Protectors are critical for your shipping needs

Corner protectors help ensure that your cargo is delivered free from damage. They also extend the life of ratchet straps by minimizing the possibility of rubbing. It offers protection using a low caliper edge board. Windows, doors, furniture, cabinets become adequately secure. Corner posts that are sized appropriately allows the product being shipped to be more safe. The inclusion of pallet wraps onto the skid makes it further sturdy during transport.

Essentially, corner protectors avoid situations where a shipped product arrives at its destination already damaged. This phenomenon usually occurs when the item is being transferred from one carrier to the other, or through various facilities. It also avoids the possibility of a shipment being refused by a customer due to the damage it has occurred while in transit.

  1. Camo Moving Blanket is a must

Despite its name, Camo Moving Blankets are useful not only for moving. Some have used it in hunting trips, football games during Friday nights, and protecting car seats from your pet’s hair. Outdoor enthusiasts have specially used these blankets for their activities.

Most camo moving blankets are materials made from polyester. Its durability has provided protection from dust, friction, and stormy weather. It not only provides warmth, it also promises flexibility. Its camouflage print makes it ideal for camping. Plus, it is practical and 100% versatile. It can double as a cabin or tent floor mat. Take it when fishing and shake it out and hang to dry.

The cold weather is no match to the camo moving blanket. Bring it when ice fishing or cold weather hunting. Expect to be protected from the icy winds. It is easy to carry too as long as it is secured and folded in your backpack via a rope.

  1. USCC Branded Stainless Steel Mug

Whether you prefer your coffee warm or ice cold, the USCC Branded Stainless Steel Mug will give you either. All thirty-ounce of this insulated mug will keep your preferred drink warm or cold for a maximum of six hours. Its stainless steel feature have revolutionized how mugs are used. Plus, its benefits are plenty.

  • It promises durability due to its strength-to-weight ratio.
  • It is less costly to transport
  • It is practically unbreakable
  • It is corrosion-free due to its stainless steel body
  • It is easy to clean due to the steel’s non-porous material. It is also stain-resistant
  • Odor or residue are not retained thus beverages can easily be changed
  • It is affordable and is a lasting investment


All in all, these transportation products can either be used by you as a personal item or distributed as gifts. Either way, these goods offer benefits that are more than enough to provide you with functional usability, not just today but also in the long haul. To know more contact Toronto Trailers today!

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