Tow vs Recovery Straps: Which is a Better Option?

Tow vs Recovery Straps

Knowing what option to choose between a tow vs recovery straps is crucial for the success of your freight shipping endeavour. These two straps may look the same, but there are significant differences between tow and recovery straps. As their name suggests, tow straps are designed specifically for “towing” and recovery straps are for “recovering” stuck trucks. 

You should not be confused about which to choose between tow and recovery straps, or you’ll mess up your job. You should not use tow straps for recovering a stuck trailer because they don’t stretch. 

Since it’s not stretchable, there’s a higher chance that they’ll break, causing the attached hook to go missing. It may look like a  simple problem, but it can be dangerous in some situations and may even cause death. Tow straps are much suited for towing trucks. With tow straps, the straps latch onto the tow hooks and then d-rings or shackles are used to pull another vehicle. 

Tow vs Recovery Straps

So when choosing between tow vs recovery straps, you should know the purpose of the purchase. Is it for towing purposes, or is it for getting a truck stuck on the road? Understanding your job’s needs and your buying purposes is essential.


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Tow vs Recovery Straps: Which Option is the Best For You?

Which should you choose between tow and recovery straps? Let us break down the differences between tow straps and recovering straps.

The first big difference is that tow straps have large metal hooks. These hooks are designed to hook into the towing points and D-ring shackles. On the other hand, recovery straps do not have these metal hooks, but they have loops on both ends.

The second difference is that recovery straps are made of nylon. Since it is made of nylon, it can be stretched as it has enough elasticity. Whereas, tow straps are usually made of polypropylene or Dacron, which is not stretchable.

Although the differences between tow and recovery straps may seem insignificant, their features affect their functions. They are significantly different in terms of how these two trailer accessories perform. Aside from that, their safety differs in terms of how they are used for their respective jobs.

In terms of safety, recovery straps are safer to use than a chain. They’re more comfortable to use, and they are not too heavy to pull. However, make sure your recovery strap is in good shape before using it to avoid an accident. Any straps that are worn can increase the likelihood of breakage during the recovery process. Also, straps with faded colour are most likely to break when used. Straps perform well in cold temps and heat. However, you should not store the straps in direct sunlight or near excessive heat and chemicals.

On the other hand, since tow straps are attached to the vehicle only by the hooks, they can make for deadly flying projectiles. If they loosen or are strained beyond their capacity, it can cause damage. 

What to Look for When Buying a Tow or Recovery Strap

Ensure that you know the differences between tow vs recovery straps and your buying purpose before purchasing straps.

The most crucial factor to look for when buying a recovery strap is its elasticity. You will want to make sure the recovery strap can stretch without breaking. 

For a tow strap, make sure the metal hooks at each end are made of high-quality material. You don’t want to see the hook snapping or breaking off while trying to tow a vehicle, right?

Between tow and recovery straps, durability is also a factor to look into. It’s better to have a product that’s weather-resistant and waterproof so it can last longer. Whether you plan on using a tow or recovery strap, make sure it’s durable and built to last.

Tow vs Recovery Straps

Key Takeaways

The most crucial thing to consider when working with tow vs recovery straps is to have an accurate understanding of them. Don’t just ask yourself which to choose between tow and recovering straps. You should know what work you are strictly dealing with, so you can use the right strap and know the right way to use it. Not knowing the differences between tow and recovery straps can quite dangerous. 

Misusing these straps is not only bad for your trucks and can cause damage to the straps, but it can lead to danger. If you’re still unsure which to choose between tow and recovery straps, you can contact Toronto Trailer today. You may call us at 416 477 5488. Alternatively, you can look through our online store for top-quality cargo securing equipment. Stay safe!

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