What are the Best Storage Containers?

Best Storage Containers

In the industry of storage and warehousing, shipping storage containers are being used by both business owners and individuals for their personal reasons. The industry offers multiple types of storage containers that have specific uses. Those who are interested in purchasing or renting their own storage containers have to be familiar with these uses. Using a specific type that does not fit the items that are being stored in it can be a waste of resources. In some cases, using the wrong type of storage container can be fatal and may cause damages to the items or products stored in it. This article will be showing you the different shipping storage containers and the best ways to use them.

Best Ways to Use The Different Types Of Shipping Storage Containers

Shipping storage containers are crucial for all sorts of businesses that need to store and move their products. Products are made from different types of materials that need specific storing conditions to avoid degrading their quality. The shipping industry has created various types of shipping storage containers that would be able to store specific types of materials. You may refer to the following list for the best ways of using these various types of shipping storage containers:

General-purpose dry shipping storage container

o   This is the most common shipping container used in both commercial and residential settings. The structure is made from high-grade steel. This makes it possible to withstand corrosion, which makes it perfect for storing items. It has walls, a floor, and a roof. One of the walls on the short end can be opened like a door. It is airtight that makes it weather-proof and can be used to transport items to other locations. Businesses can use this to store massive quantities of products. It usually comes in 10’, 20’, and 40’ sizes. The types of products it can effectively store include canned foods, retail items, electronics, furniture, and appliances. It is important to ensure that additional ventilation be installed if the products that are stored in it need to stay for long periods of time. This is important to ensure that any moisture that accidentally enters the container will be removed so that the products will not get ruined. In relation to residential usage, this type of container can be modified and turned into mobile homes.

High cube dry shipping storage container

o   This works the same with a general-purpose dry shipping container. However, with its higher ceiling, large machines and equipment can be stored in this type of shipping container. There is around 1 ft difference between the heights of a high cube dry storage container and a general-purpose dry storage container.

Double door shipping storage container

o   This is a variation of a dry shipping container. This is also called a tunnel container. It has a floor, roof, and walls. Both the walls on the short ends can be opened like doors. This is a perfect option of transporting vehicles. A car can be loaded into the container without driving it in reverse. This makes it safer to load and unload the car. Since it can be unloaded on either end, the car can be transported facing the side that will be opened once it arrives at its destination.

Flat rack shipping container

Flat rack shipping container

o   This is a specialized type of shipping storage container. It has a floor and walls that are situated at the short ends of the container. This type may have an odd shape, but it serves a special purpose. With no side walls and no roofing, it can effectively carry irregularly shaped and oversize items. Some of these items include machineries, heavy equipment, vehicles, construction materials, boats, timber, and other forest products. Some of these items have width sizes that will not allow for storage in a fully-closed storage container. You should also be wary that there are 2 kinds of flat rack shipping containers. The most commonly used is the fixed-end flat rack. They are much stronger since the fixed walls on the short ends are immovable and can endure pressure from heavy loads. The collapsible flat rack, on the other hand, has walls that can be folded. This makes it easier to transport the shipping container when it is empty.

Open-side storage container

o   This is another one that has been designed to transport and store specific types of items. This is also called a side door shipping storage container. This is due to the fact that this type of container has doors on both the short ends and the long sides. It has the same purpose with a dry shipping storage container when it comes to the types of items that it can store. However, the difference with having doors on the long sides is that it can allow easy loading for oversized and huge cargos. It also has a high cube version, the same as a regular dry shipping storage container.

Open top shipping storage container

o   There are machineries and heavy equipment that are taller than 10 ft, which makes it hard for some people to store and transport them. A flat rack container can be used for these items; however, issues arise when there are weather disturbances. An open top shipping storage container is actually the best alternative during these times. This type of shipping container has a floor and walls, but does not have a fixed roof. This allows items to easily fit into the container. With only the top that is fully opened, it is easy to completely seal the container with the use of heavy-duty plastic sheets. Properly installing these sheets can effectively prevent the items from getting exposed to water and snow.

Half-height storage shipping containers

o   This is another version of a dry shipping storage container. The main differences are that it has a shorter height and the roof is removable. This type of container is effective to be used to store and transport dry items like coal, boulders, gravel, stones, and sand. With its shorter height, loading and unloading is easier. With the removable roof, heavy equipment and machineries can easily pick or pour the items into the container.

Refrigerated and thermal shipping containers

o   This is another one of the common shipping storage containers used by businesses that deal with food and pharmaceutical products. Its main purpose is that it aims to store perishable items which may include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, medicines, and other types of chemicals. In most cases, people refer to this as a reefer shipping container. Just like a dry container, it has a floor, roof, and walls. However, it is a unique container because it has a refrigeration system incorporated within its structure. This system ensures that the space inside the container has a controlled temperature. The allowed temperature that can be set usually ranges from -40°C to 40°C. It may take up to 2 hours for the preferred temperature to be attained by the container. A reefer container does not usually come with its own power supply. There is a need to plug the container to an external power source. For cases where the container needs to transport products, there is a need to bring a portable generator to provide continuous power to the refrigeration system.

Tank shipping containers

o   This is a specialized shipping container that can be easily recognized due to its cylindrical shape. This is important because its shape serves as a warning that the item being transported may be hazardous. The main use for this type of container is to store and transport massive amounts of liquid or gas products. Not all items may be hazardous, and there are warnings posted on the body of the tank container when hazardous items are being transported. The body of the container is made from materials that do not corrode. Stainless steel is one of the most common materials used by this container since it usually does not degrade when it is exposed to liquid and gas.

Make Sure That You Use the Correct Type of Storage Container

It is highly advised that you inquire first regarding the type of shipping storage container you would need to store the products that you are selling or moving. Purchasing or renting a shipping storage container is an investment that may be wasteful if you choose the wrong type. Always remember that goods that are perishable, such as medicines, volatile chemicals, frozen foods, and meats, should only be stored in reefer containers. You will also need to ensure that the required temperature to keep the integrity of your products can be reached by the reefer container that you are buying. Examples like these can help save your business from incurring losses that you could have prevented from happening. Always make sure that you are purchasing a storage container from a reliable source. If you are currently looking to buy or rent one, you may contact Toronto Trailers at 416 477 5488. As one of the reputable suppliers in Ontario, Canada, you are assured that your storage container is of excellent quality.

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