What Do You Need to Know About Cargo Securement?

Cargo Securement

For you, as a customer, you want an assurance that your cargo is shipped in a safe and timely manner. As for us in the shipping industry, our main concern is that we do not break our promises to you. We treasure the utmost trust you have given us with all your shipping needs. 

Our commitment to the safety of your cargo is evident in the serious implementation of proper cargo securement. Safety in handling is a must in our industry. We not only look at the status of the shipment but are also keen on making sure that public safety is also one of our top priorities.

What Is Cargo Securement?

Before cargo is transported to its destination, a shipping company should implement a system in securing the cargo on or within a transporting vehicle. This system focuses on how the cargo is positioned, braced, fastened, or tied down to the vehicle. 

Cargo securement is basically done to keep the cargo in place during the transportation process. This is actually a requirement imposed by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) which can be seen in the National Safety Code (NSC) Standard 10 – Cargo Securement.

The types of cargo that need to follow the guidelines include all kinds of freight, equipment loaded on a trailer, shipping containers, lumber, concrete pipes, large boulders, and many others. There are performance criteria, mandated by NSF Standard 10, which need to be met so that the shipping company will avoid any legal repercussions.

Why Is There a Need for Cargo Securement?

The law about cargo securement was passed to ensure the protection of not only the shipment but also everyone that could be involved along the way. As trailers pass by the highway, there are many factors that could affect the trucks and the goods being transported. 

Cargo securement is implemented to make sure that accidents will not happen to any civilian and to protect against any damage to property. This is why trucks that fail to meet the performance criteria set will result in the issuance of citations, fines, and stoppage to the travel of the truck at fault.

Another reason is that the motoring public expects the shipping company to avoid tarnishing its name. A company’s image is always at risk every time a truck travels to deliver a shipment. In addition, the shipping company follows cargo securement to protect itself from possible liability claims in the future.


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More Information about Cargo Securement

To give you a deeper idea of the cargo securement process, below is an overview of some of the things a shipping company follows:

  • A selection is done to finalize the size of both the vehicle and trailer to be used in relation to the shipment load.
  • Before any cargo is loaded onto the trailer, the vehicle and trailer to be used will first undergo a thorough inspection. For any issues found, proper maintenance will be done first before proceeding in using the truck and trailer for delivery.
  • When cargo is placed onto the trailer, the personnel make sure that it is properly distributed.
  • Cargo is then secured by tying them down with the needed equipment like straps, chains, locks, turnbuckles, and many others. The company makes sure that all the guidelines within the NSC Standard 10 are followed.
  • The cargo load is checked multiple times during the trip to assure the integrity of the securement devices. Required checking is done at the beginning of the trip and when the trip has reached around 50 miles. Re-examination may be done by the driver as needed, which usually depends on how far the destination is.
  • A truck may run into inspectors along the way. These inspectors will look at any possible violation done in the securement of the cargo. One of the most important things they check is if the number of straps used in the securement will be enough to handle the weight of the cargo.


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Cargo Securement

Why Choose Toronto Trailers

As there has been an increase in the number of people who are now driving on streets and highways, the focus on road safety is needed now more than ever. As a shipping company, we are doing our part by being fully prepared and compliant with the safety guidelines imposed by the government. We are doing our best to handle all your cargo in the most secure way possible. By dealing with multiple clients on a daily basis, we have continued to improve our processes, most especially in the field of cargo securement. We also use the best equipment possible for their excellent quality.

We are doing all these because we are committed to always give you the best service possible. This is our way of acknowledging your trust in our company. Your trust keeps us eager to improve. For any questions about cargo securement, or any shipping requirements you have, please do not hesitate to contact Toronto Trailers at 416 477 5488.

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