What Is the Cost of Buying Mobile Storage Containers in Ontario?

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When one thinks of moving to a new home or office building, one of the greatest hassles is the process of transferring all belongings like furniture, appliances, and other personal belongings. The sheer quantity of items that need to be transferred can cause delays in the moving process. Those who have not heard of using mobile storage containers as a solution for the transferring process, usually waste their time manually transferring items using their own transportation. Time is wasted since they need to do the transfer process numerous times depending on the number of items that can fit in their cars.

Some may think that this is the cheapest solution available. However, if you factor in other things like the time it takes to finish, the safety of the items to be transferred, and all the energy used up in loading and unloading items, one can see how this is very inefficient and unsafe to the person. To avoid this hassle, you can consider owning your own mobile storage container to make the transfer process easier for you. If you have some available space to fit a storage container, you can make this your temporary storage so that your new place will not get cluttered.


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What You Need to Know About Shipping Containers for Sale

A shipping container is a portable storage container built to hold items in volume while having a sturdy structure to withstand both internal and external forces. It comes in different sizes which gives you an option based on the items you wish to put in it. It also comes in different builds. However, the most durable and widely used type is made with corrugated steel sheets as its walling.

A mobile storage container’s design makes it cushion the external pressure being applied to the shell. And, its design and dimensions should follow global ISO standards. Mobile storage containers are built to last up to 10 years. Some are also customized to withstand certain climate/weather conditions in some specific areas of the globe. You can just hire a shipping company to transport your storage container for you.

Before thinking of buying your own storage container, you must consider the following:

Permit requirements

The province of Ontario requires you to obtain permits to own and place a storage container on your premises. Storage containers are being treated like regular buildings that would need their own building permits.

Size Requirement

When you are about to pick a storage container, you must first evaluate the volume of things you plan to store in it. You can compute how much area can be covered by your things to avoid buying one that is either too small or one that wastes too much space.

Evaluating New or Used Containers

You have the option to buy a new or used storage container. However, you should do a site visit to the company you plan on buying from. If possible, bring someone knowledgeable about shipping containers to check on the current status of the available storage units being sold to you. Most especially, the used ones. Have them checked thoroughly to avoid problems after you buy one.

Modifications and After-sales Service

Do not forget to inquire with the company about its modification options. You should be given the option to make some changes to your storage container, though it may incur additional expenses. The changes must still follow the ISO standards to avoid any legal issues you might get into with your local government agency. In addition, you should ask for all the after-sales services offered by the company as this is your right. You should also ask for some recommendations on how to maintain and clean the storage container.


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How Much Does a Mobile Storage Container Cost?

If you wish to get the actual costing to purchase a mobile storage container, you can get in touch with our friendly sales staff in Toronto Trailers. However, to give you an overview of the estimated cost of purchasing a mobile storage container, let us consider the current average prices in the market of new and used containers.

Cost of 10’ Storage Shipping Container

  • Used: CAD 2,300.00
  • New: CAD 3,600.00

Cost of 20’ Storage Shipping Container

  • Used: CAD 2,600.00
  • New: CAD 4,500.00

Cost of 40’ Storage Shipping Container

  • Used: CAD 4,500.00
  • New: CAD 7,000.00

Other than moving to a new location, owning a storage container can help you declutter your house or office. With its flexibility, you can make use of a storage container in any way you want. Just like a house, you can even install a customized locking and security system to enhance its safety.

Consider your storage container as an extension of your house or office. Save yourself from all the hassle of multiple trips just to transfer your belongings to a new location. If you have some more inquiries about mobile storage containers, do not hesitate to call Toronto Trailers at 416 477 5488.

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