What is the Difference Between Shipping Storage Trailers and Storage Containers?

storage trailers

Storage trailers and containers differ from one another and have a wide range of purposes and benefits that suit your specific needs. Besides, these types of storage solutions cover all of your short and long term storage and shipping needs. 

In this article, we will discuss the two common types; containers and trailers. While these two storages are great for storage and shipping rentals options, you should first understand the difference between the two, including their benefits.

Storage Trailers

If you consider using a storage trailer for your product, there are few important details to keep in mind. These factors will help you decide if it’s the best type of storage solution for you: 

Generally, trailers are moveable and at dock level, so if you ship items or products from warehouse to warehouse and you need a loading dock, this option is probably best. Besides, you are free to transfer your storage at different locations with trailers, saving your time and energy. When it comes to sizes, a trailer unit is wider than a container. 

Also, if you are storing your items on pallets with a trailer, you can make good use of space, saving your time and money. Trailers, working as either a short-term or long-term storage solution, offer easier loading and unloading, good accessibility and transferability. 

If you need a mobile way of storing your belongings or a warehouse-friendly for your small business, a storage trailer solution may be best for you.

Benefits of Storage Trailers

Below are some of the other advantages of storage trailers that you may enjoy if you choose them.

Easy Accessibility and Convenient

One of the main benefits of storage trailers as a retail storage solution is their convenience and easy accessibility. 

Since you can easily park it at the receiving door, you can quickly access your merchandise without setting up any ramp-up for your forklift. Besides, it gives overflowing space making your receiving area more organized and convenient during your business peak season.

Big Space 

big space

Between storage trailers and container sizes, trailers are much longer at 53’ and wider than the first. It allows you to maximize the storage space of a single trailer unit.


Another best benefit of storage trailers is you can move your trailer. Often, when a shipping container is fully loaded, you can’t move it. On the other hand, you can move a loaded trailer without entirely unloading it. With this, a storage option is a more convenient choice.

Don’t Have to Leave the Store For Access 

Since the trailer will be parked at your dock, you don’t need to leave the store and drive a forklift through the parking lot. It can save you time, especially when making multiple trips, and keeps you from having to go outside for extra merchandise in bad weather.


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Storage Containers

storage containersBetween storage trailers and containers, containers serve different functions, features and benefits. Generally, they are at ground level, primarily functioned as shipping containers aside from storage. 

They were initially engineered for ocean freight and designed to be stacked for optimal storage function with low maintenance and surpass different climate changes. Containers are usually transferred to their location using a flatbed truck or tilt bed and not with their wheels, unlike a trailer. 

If you need more than one unit type of storage solution that is stackable, low maintenance, and ground-level access, a container may be the best option for your business. 

Benefits of Storage Containers

Although storage trailers and containers share a significant function, they differ in the advantages that they offer. Below are some other benefits of storage containers that you can enjoy.

Saves Space in Your Area 

Choosing a container allows you to place it in a vacant parking lot and leave it parked at your shipping dock. It means that you no longer have to tie up space at your dock, unlike a trailer. As a result, you can save more space in your shipping and receiving area, making the unloading process faster.

Can Have More Containers than Trailers

Another best benefit of storage containers is you can place as many containers as you want if you have broader space in your lot. It will help you store a large volume of products, unlike getting trailers. When you rely on trailers for all of your storage needs, you may find yourself limited by the trailer’s dock numbers.

Less Expensive

When it comes to storage trailer and container rental costs, containers cost cheaper. By choosing containers, you can save more money from renting multiple units at once for a long time.

No Dock Requirement

no dock requirement

Since you can place storage containers anywhere, they are a more versatile storage solution, making a difference for some businesses. Besides, containers don’t require a shipping and receiving dock for loading and unloading.

What Shipping Storage Option Should You Use?

The two different types of storage solutions are storage trailers and containers. These two have similarities, but they also have differences and have unique functions and benefits. 

Before you decide what’s the best storage solution for you, it is crucial to understand the difference between the two and consider your storage preferences and requirements because the choice you make can be your best asset or your greatest headache.

If you need a storage solution, Toronto Trailers will help you make the best storage solution decision. You may call us at 416 477 5488 or email info@torontotrailers.com.

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