What Should You Know Before Renting Moving Blankets

moving blankets

When moving, you have two options, it’s either you hire a professional mover or take care of the process yourself. The latter can prove difficult without the requisite knowledge. Moving blankets are an important tool that can simplify this process. 

If you hire a professional mover, then chances are they can provide these moving blankets as part of their service. To be sure if they offer moving blankets, you may ask your moving service provider.

However, if your movers will not provide moving blankets or you are moving with a U-Haul without these blankets, renting one is the best option. However, there are a few things you should know before renting moving blankets. In this blog, we take a look at different factors to be considered when renting one.

What are Moving Blankets?

Moving blankets are also known as moving pads. They are large, thick blankets and pads that professional movers use to cushion, cover and protect furniture, boxes as well as other valuable items. It is used while movers transport items into hauling trucks during the moving process. Furthermore, the overall function of the blanket is to keep your things from getting damaged during the moving process. 

Usually, movers cover heavy, bulky furniture and other appliances with a moving blanket as they carry it out of the house and place it on their truck. A professional mover is required to use moving blankets when transporting quality precious furniture or any breakable items during transportation. Keep in mind that a DIY mover who does not invest in pads or blankets runs the risk of breaking or damaging their stuff.

Renting Moving Blankets

Types of Moving Pads/Blankets

When it comes to moving blanket types, the best kind are those padded with a robust outer fabric that is quilted. Aside from this, other types are made of only one material without extra padding also exist. These standard moving blankets may be less effective than the padded and quilted type of moving blankets. Besides, it may not work well in protecting your property from damage.

Also, when using a moving pad underneath a piece of furniture to help hurry it along, single-material moving pads don’t work that well. It is another reason to look for the best type of moving blankets whether you decide to buy or rent it.

Is it Good to Rent Moving Blankets?

Some trucking companies offer the option of renting out moving blankets. However, before making the decision to rent moving blankets, you need to first ask about the kinds of moving pads/blankets they offer for rent. Also, do not forget to check out the blankets’ condition to determine whether it’s worth the cost of the rent.

Trucking equipment rental businesses usually ask for a deposit upfront. Some renters have wasted their money because they borrowed worn-out moving pads or those not designed for repeated use. Aside from that, if you accidentally snag or tear down the blanket, the rental company may hold you responsible for any damage on the pads. When renting moving pads, it is essential to consider the factors and remain careful while using it.


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Do I Nees to Buy Moving Blankets?

Renting Moving Blankets
Most of the time, moving supplies experts will always recommend buying moving blankets instead of renting one. Buying a new moving pad can assure you that you are getting quality pads. Besides, since it’s yours, you have the right to use it without overly worrying about accidentally damaging it.

However, when buying blankets, you should consider some factors. One of these is the materials or type of fabric used in making the blankets. The fabrics used to create moving pads vary in durability and strength. Some blankets are also designed to be reused again, while others are not. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rent or Buy Moving Blankets?

If you decide to buy moving blankets instead of renting them, the costs in Toronto can vary. Below are some of the estimated cost of moving blankets:

  • A dozen smaller moving blankets with a size of 48″ x 72″ can cost around $94.50 to $49.99 — if they are on sale.
  • A dozen thickly padded moving blankets with 72″ x 80″ size can range from $190.00 to $102.99. Take note that the larger the blanket, and the more padding it has, the higher the cost is.

However, if you know you will not use them again, renting is probably a more cost-effective option.

Renting Moving Blankets

Final Thoughts

Moving blankets are essential tools used during transportation to ensure that furniture and other important items aren’t damaged during the moving process.

If you’re moving, then you should consider buying or renting moving blankets for the safety of your valuables. If you need a moving blanket, check out Toronto Trailers. We offer different types of moving blankets. Just call us at 416 477 5488 or email us at info@www.torontotrailers.com if you have questions about moving cargo equipment.

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